Friday, December 16, 2011

Experiencing Charleston South Carolina Fishing

Getting you sun kissed and pelting with sweat trying to get a tasty catch is one of the best things to do during the warmer days of the year. All that sunshine and vitamin D soaking into your body is just one of the perks when you start doing Charleston South Carolina Fishing. Done by Barrier Island Eco Tours, you can already schedule yourself for one and you wouldn’t regret it.

Imagine cruising through the salt marches and doing Charleston South Carolina fishing where there is a whole lot of species of fish available. You get to enjoy the natural, undeveloped environment without all that classy paradise like advertisement that other places make of. You get to experience nature as untouched as it is and catch the best and freshest kinds of fish available around.

Doing Charleston South Carolina Fishing is one of the expertise of Barrier Island Eco Tours. Its salty marshes inland are home to different kinds of fishes thanks to its “nutrient rich soup.” You can choose to come here with your family or friends to enjoy the sun and the 10 species of fish that you can catch in just one guided trip. Even if you don’t have any fishing experience, it doesn’t matter as the captain and the fishing local guides would be more than happy to assist you. They are pleasant, patient and really good in what they do.

Everything you can possibly need to haul in that big one is available for you when you sign up for the trip. Tackle, supplies and equipment are all provided for. You just need to bring yourself and your family an d we will take care of everything. We guarantee that you’ll have that laid back, adventurous kind of experience when you do the Charleston South Carolina Fishing.

We can all do Charleston South Carolina Fishing with your family, friends or even co-workers. We have a fleet that can pack a group of more than 50 people on-board with that relaxing get together and get to know each other while waiting for the fish to bite. Our captain will bring you to one of his most loved ho-
tspots to get the action going and the fun bringing. Imagine landing in redfish, trout, shark, flounder, lady fish, rays and a whole lot more. You can even opt to end the sunny day by a shore dinner or lunch.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charleston Boat Tours By Barrier Island Eco Tours

There are so many things happening in your city life that you just want to commune with nature and have some fun with your wife and kids. You may plan to go to a different country but the paperwork must be drowning you down. You may go ahead and just plan for a trip with the Charleston Boat Tours by Barrier Island Eco Tours as you have a lot of itineraries to choose from that they can plan with you.

First of all, the Charleston Boat Tours that they offer are all scheduled so don’t just go there out of whim and hope that there is a boat tour happening for you in an instant. Most of the vacation trips are scheduled anyway and this is part of the experience. You can choose to ride any of their fleets: the Callinectes which can bring 40 people in as you tour around the Capers Island. You can also opt for the Sayana for a more private tour with only 22 people in the boat. The boat that has a lower number of passengers than Sayana will be the Marsh Mama which could only contain 16 passengers in its 26 foot fleet. The Cut Mullet is the most private of all which will be perfect for honeymooners since this can only have 6 passengers in it. The least you would want to do is to kiss in the public with 40 people checking out what you are doing.

Now let us go to where you can be sent by Charleston Boat Tours. You can go and explore the wildlife at Capers Island. Discover paradise on Earth when you explore Capers Island. This sanctuary, known to be one of the few preserved barrier islands, offers a plethora of wildlife experiences that’s sure to take your breath away. Glide through its salt marsh environment or its winding tidal creeks with the Charleston Boat Tours to discover its diverse wildlife. Marvel at indigenous species of osprey, pelicans, herons, egrets, bottlenose dolphins and a lot more. For a closer look, you can make use of nets and habitat traps that let you go face to face with rarely seen marine creatures. Do all this and more for an hour and a half. Add other breath-taking activities like exploring Bone-yard Beach, shelling and bird watching and you’ll never want to leave again.

There are also numerous other destinations you can go to with Charleston Boat Tours like the Dolphin Discovery Sunset, Creek Fishing Trip, The Blue Crabbing Excursion and much more.
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