Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Available Vacation Rentals In Orlando, Florida

American Homes Rentals helps you locate the perfect accommodations and assists you with your travel needs whether it's with family, set of friends, or a family reunion.

OUR MISSION is to provide you an option for vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida or Central Florida may it be a vacation home, holiday villas, town homes and condominium resort rentals and property management services in the Disney World Resort area.

Our vacation rental collection features one of the largest selections in the most preferred locations in the tri-county resort areas near Disney like vacation homes, town homes and condo resorts.

Our Fields of Expertise

Hospitality Management
Vacation Rentals in Orlando, Florida and Central Florida
Resort Condominiums
Property Management
Real Estate Management

Many travelers most especially the knowledgeable ones understand that there are so many amazing places in the world  to discover where one visit is not enough and definitely Florida is one of them.  Florida is home to some of the best and most famous theme parks and attractions in the world like Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World and Busch Gardens.

Florida also brags about its exciting nightlife, live entertainment and tremendous shopping. You can paint the town red by playing in their world-class, top-ranked golf courses, visiting every type of themed restaurant there is or take pleasure in a shopping extravaganza at some of the elegant malls in North America. The choices are practically immeasurable.

Florida boasts of glorious white sand beaches scattered with palm trees and framed by crystal clear blue waters which makes up Florida’s almost 1, 200 miles of impressive coastline. You can enjoy Florida’s moderate weather throughout the year. It has the ideal climate with endless days of balmy sunshine which is adored by beach bums or beach vacation lovers.

Florida is rich with abundant natural attractions to watch out for and experience – magnificent and panoramic views, tenderly flowing rivers, thousands of spring-fed lakes, exotic birds and wildlife and a variety of flora and fauna. There is so much indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy and participate in from golf, tennis and other sporting events to themed restaurants, shopping malls and attractions which are all of great value. Come create a relaxing and memorable vacation that you will never forget the rest of your life. American Homes Rentals can make it a reality for you if you are dreaming of a Florida vacation.

American Homes Rentals manages over 100 privately owned properties in Central Florida like vacation rentals in Orlando, Florida that you can select from where all of which are within 20 minute drive to Walt Disney World. Each property is perfectly maintained by members of our professional staff who are dedicated to ensure quality and genuine satisfaction during your stay which can definitely exceed your wildest expectations.
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Perfect Palawan Tour Travel Budget

Day 1- 12:00 NN - ARRIVAL in Puerto Princesa Palawan

1230PM - Check in Hotel (Auddisea Pension House)

1PM to 6PM - CITY Tour / contact Kuya Bojie Bontogon 09178140253. He is the best travel agent in Palawan.

Itinerary for City Tour: (Usual price for Van Tour is 600/person) But we Choose to make it do your own city tour because we always want to have adventure in our tour.

City Tour destination:

Plaza Cuartel
Butterfly Garden
Baker's Hill/ Mitra's Ranch
Binuatan Weaving Creations
Crocodile Farm
Pasalubong Centers

6:00 Pm Dinner: baywall seaside grill

Second Day - HONDA BAY ISLAND TOUR (Usual Price per person for this tour is 1,200/1,500)

6AM – Breakfast

7AM - go to Sta. Lourdes Wharf


8:30AM- Pandan Island

9:30AM - Snake Island

10:30AM- Starfish Island/ Pambato Reef

11:30AM- Luli Island

2PM - Back to Wharf

Isla Pandan Resort at Panda Island is the usual place for lunch. The travel agency serves free lunch.

3PM - Irawan Adventure Park/ Zipline

If you don't want the zipline adventure, you may have the Firefly watching instead ( Fire Fly watching and Dinner is Php 1,000)

6:00 Pm Dinner : Kalui Restaurant

Third Day - Underground River Tour Whole Day (Php 1, 400)

7AM - Departure to Underground River Tour

Expect the 2hour road trip to Sabang Warf and 30 minutes boat ride to the Underground River

2PM - Departure from Underground River back to Hotel

            Ask your tour guide to stop over Ugong Rocks Sanctuary and experience spelunking and caving and discover why they call the place as UGONG ROCKS.

Last stop should be in pasalubong center. LRC 908 Market Mall is the perfect place to buy your pasalobong they are the lowest price in Puerto Princesa City.

What should you bring:

Underground River: Extra Tshirt, Camera, Water, Money for Environmental Fee Php 40.00, Entrance fee for Ugong Rocks and Adventure Php 250.00

Honday Bay: Extra Tshirt, Short, Booties for foot – there are for rent Snorkel booties and camera case for underwater shot for Only Php 150 each item.

Enjoy your Palawan Vacation
Ugong Rocks Adventure
Underground River Palawan

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kris Aquino Goes to Dedon Island Resort

February 22, 2013 Kris TV's Extended Birthday Episode goes to DEDON Island. I am Local Traveler and Beach Lover. WIth all the places I've been to, I never thought there's this place in the Philippines that I never ever heard of -Dedon Island.

As the show rolls, they relayed where Dedon Island is located and how to get there.

Dedon Island Resort is located at Lisob, Malinao, General Luna, Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte Philippines.  Siargao Island is a little island found in the south part of the Philippines facing the open sea breeze of Pacific Ocean. Siargao Island is also known in the world as a perfect spot for surfing activity because of its awesome waves called the "Cloud 9".

Dedon Island Resort is the newest addition to the growing number of resorts in the island. Dedon is fully functional just last 2012 where you can enjoy all the modern facilities that they have. They have an infinity pool if you want to take another dip after enjoying the white beach of Dedon.

Dedon Island offers the best tropical and international cuisine for you and your companions to have a hapy belly . If you are a local or foreign tourist who wants to surf or relax or do both, worry no more because Dedon Island is the place for your new adventure.

See Picture for Dedon Island Resort:
Dedon Island Resort Rates
For reservation call Dedon Island Resort:  0901 701 7820

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kris Aquino on Rosal Beach Resort Gumasa Glan Sarangani

Kris Aquino at Rosal Beach Resort Sarangani 

Kris realiTV Sarangani and Gensan Episode was a great help with my blog. After Kris Aquino with Melai and Jason February 12, 2013 episode my blog visit increase to triple it's normal visit. See the picture graph below.

I was so shock after I saw the live feed yesterday because its normally gets around 300+ visits per day. When Kris Aquino recommended the Rosal Beach Resort as her choice to spend an overnight stay at glan sarangani article about rosal beach resort kick to 400 visits just that day alone and some of my article was also visited due to that activity.

This tells that when a powerful actress of the country talk's about a place or a thing viewers also curious on that place and search for that term. When there are greater views some of your article is also active to search engine. With partnership of television and the internet you can gain more traffic and you can gain authority to that search term.

I would like to give my big thank you to kris tv for featuring the beauty of sarangani province.

Kris Tv at Sarangani Beach

Gumasa Glan Sarangani is really one of the best white beach resorts in the Philippines.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Dayang Beach Resort

A few months ago, some of my officemates planned a break at the beach. Because I was awesome, they decided to have me come with them (that’s just the way it is). The weekend getaway was on the verge of discontinuing as we had a difficulty in choosing a place to stay.

Then like a ray of light after a dark storm, we found out about Dayang Beach Resort.
A colleague of mine got hold of contact information of the owner of the resort so all our questions were answered and we were able to prepare before we got going.

Here’s a word. If you are planning to go to Dayang Beach Resort, BE PREPARED. The resort is a very remote area far away from the city. And, it is still in its development stage to better serve their customers.

When we went there during May 2011, it wasn’t that developed but it was already enough to have that R&R feeling. Personally, I like the place. It isn’t so luxurious that it remains its anonymity and it isn’t so ugly to the point of being an uncomfortable place to stay.

The only thing that kind of irritated me was the travel to and from. If you’re from Davao City, there is only one boat that travels straight to Dayang and it has only one schedule which is at 1PM on the weekends. Well, maybe I was irritated that time because I was not able to anticipate that the travel would last for an hour and a half and I didn’t have my lunch!

Dayang Beach Resort
But, the irritation was suddenly overpowered with happiness when we arrived at the place. It was heaven for me! It was so silent and the water is so clear that you can see the cut where the water starts to get very deep.

Dayang Beach Resort
Dayang Beach Resort
There is no entrance fee yet during the time we went there, we made a deal with the owner to make all the amenities accessible if we get the duplex which only amounts to P1,800 and can fit 8 people. She agreed so we didn’t have a problem there.

What I didn’t like about the resort is the unavailability of tap water. The water that flows out the faucet is still saltwater so you need to bring a lot of water if you don’t want to buy there for your food or for washing purposes.
Another problem was the travel home-bound. The boat from Dayang leaves to port at 7AM. Unless you are willing to spend money and time on travelling the long way, you’d want to wake up early to catch the one and only boat ride back.

All in all, Dayang Beach Resort is the perfect getaway if you really want to have a break from all the stress in your work. The only thing you need to do is prepare. If you do this, you will surely have a great time at the resort

Dayang Beach Resort Rate:
Closed Cottages (max of 3 persons) - Php 400.00
Bigger Cottages - Php 500.00
Tent(small) - Php 75.00
Tent(big) - Php 100.00
Duplex(Electric Fan)- Php 1,800.00
Dayang Beach Resort Cottage

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kris Aquino at Gumasa Glan Sarangani

Last Febraury 8, 2013, Kris Aquino the host of Kris Tv visit Sarangani Province and featured the beuaty of Gumasa Glan Beach Shore in Sarangani Province and the Sarangani Highland Resort the best place of Garden Wedding in General Santos South Cotabato.

Kris Tv "Sarangani Province Episode" is a great advertisement for the coming Sarangani Bay Festival. This Festival is the One No. beach festival in the Philippines. That will be held every 3rd saturday and sunday of May.

They also feature the outdoor adventure of the province the water tubing and the diving spot in sarangani. You can do almost every water outdoor sport in sarangani because of its awesome beauty.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Top Three Davao City Local Tourist Destinations

 As a Dabawenyo, I was one of those lucky residents that get to see a lot of places in the city. No, I’m not rich because most of those trips are funded by the school or by the office I was working with (which is why I called myself ‘lucky’).

Today, I am writing for those who want to travel to Davao but do not know where to go.

First of all, let me clear things up. Davao is not a place where war is a daily activity. In fact, Davao is one of the most peaceful cities in the Philippines with a crime rate that is close to zero. What I’m saying is that, when you are Davao, you are safe.

Now, let’s move on to my personal top three choices when it comes to Davao local tourist destinations. I have to be honest by saying that Davao City is not one of those places where you can see nature at its best. A large part of the city is already civilized and there only remain a few places that are covered with green trees. But still, there are really good places to check out if you are a tourist in Davao City.

Philippine Eagle Nature Center. Situated in Calinan, Davao City, Philippine Eagle Nature Center offers tourists a break from the busy city. With just an entrance fee of P55, you can enjoy touring around the green forest that houses a couple of eagle species. This can also be a great way to bond with your children and at the same time, have them educated about nature.

Davao Crocodile Park. Another place to feast your eyes with the default color of nature is the Davao Crocodile Park. Although it is a little costlier than the Philippine Eagle Nature Center, it is worth it. You can see more animals and enjoy the different animal showcases. It is also found in the center of the city which is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

People’s Park. Most Dabawenyos would say they don’t like this place. I personally don’t actually like it that much too but I must say it is a good place to check out the city’s culture. It features art works of Dabawenyo artists, beautiful landscape and garden arrangement from creative designers scattered in a large space where you can relax and unwind... in the middle of the city! Plus, the entrance is free! You can ask anyone for the directions to check it out because every Dabawenyo knows where it is!

There you have it! I’d like to remind you that those are only my personal choices. There are still other Davao local tourist destinations around the metro. The fun part is discovering them one by one all by yourself!

About The Contributor: Sam Aviles is the Marketing Manager of Filipino Adobo , a website intended to provide authentic Filipino cuisine for all occasions. Visit the site for more information.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It’s the time of the year where you can see hearts floating everywhere. It’s the time where almost all streets of the place are colored red. I am talking about the most awaited Valentine’s Day.

And, when we say Valentine’s Day, that means almost all restaurants are full and hotels and inns are fully booked. (Well, let’s be honest here. Population growth often starts on February 14. Just saying.) A lot of couples are already looking for affordable dating places in Davao City as early as now. The reason behind is that they want to stay away from the hassle of going to a place on the spot and finding out that it is already full and then deciding to go to another place and the same thing happens.

I know I’m not in a relationship. I am single for God knows how long. So, what gives me the right to share to you some good places to date with your loved one? It’s because I am a social being who happens to be observant enough to tell whether a place is perfect for two. You want more proof? Go read other articles but I’m telling you, this is one of the best lists there is.

Commonly, couples go out on a night to eat or just chill out and talk about anything. You would most probably look for somewhere silent and relaxing with the addition of the sumptuous food. Here are some of those:

Chippen’s. This restaurant, located at Roxas Avenue near Ateneo de Davao University, boasts their buffet. I have personally tried their food and I must say it was exceptional. The place also has a perfect relaxing ambience. When I was there, there was even piano music playing on the background. The buffet costs around P300-P400. But, who cares about spending a little more to have quality time with your loved one, right?

Ding Cha. Another hidden place in Davao is Ding Cha. Only a few people know that this small restaurant is located at V. Mapa Street. Because of the small number of informed citizens, the restaurant gets really silent at times. The food is also good and it is very affordable! With around P300, you and your other half can enjoy a full meal and spend the night away talking about anything under the sun. Who knows? Maybe one of your topics might have something to do with your wedding. Now, that’s exciting!

Kasagingan Coffee Shop. Not exactly the most special place for Valentine’s but I personally love the cozy feeling of the dim yellow lights and the soft couches. It’s not exactly a place to have a full meal but if you want to go a little healthy with a little caffeine, then Kasagingan is perfect. When you are here talking, try their Two-ron a la Mode, a dumpling-wrapped banana with chocolate drizzles and ice cream on top, for only P55. It’s served in two so you can extend the sweetness by sharing it.

Those are my personal top three dating places when you are in Davao City. The city is very large so there is a possibility that you’ll find a place or two wherever you go. Anyway, it’s not about the place, it’s about using it as an instrument to strengthen your relationship with your loved one to make it last for years.

About The Contributor: Sam Aviles is the Marketing Manager of Filipino Adobo , a website intended to provide authentic Filipino cuisine for all occasions. Visit the site for more information.

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