Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Helmet Diving at boracay island

Boracay is really a vacation spot where you can do what ever you love to do. One of them is enjoying the helmet diving, you can feed the fish under the water. You can see them eating closely.

If you love to customized your trip to boracay island you can contact me via email or leave a comment. I can help you fixed everything without no hassle. Below the helmet diving picture that I hope you can also experience this kind of happiness..

Happy fishing..:)

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Isla Jardin del Mar Resort Glan Sarangani

 Isla Jardin del Mar Map

 Beach Line

A paradise that you need to visit. This resort is known as Isla Jardin del Mar. Located at Gumasa, Sarangani Province. Hour rides from General Santos City, this resort have a powerful view to ease your stress and kick off your problem in awhile. 

If you’re looking for cheap but give you quality views and services you want to experience you may go to this beautiful beach in Saranagani.

They have awesome cottage’s in low price. Entrance fee is very affordable.
The Isla Jardin del Mar Weekdays Escapade Promo is valid only from Mondays to Thursdays.   They have separate packages for DAY TOURS and OVERNITE STAYS plus separate fees for their OPEN and CLOSE COTTAGES.

 Close Cottage

Some of the  10+ overnight cottages of  Isla Jardin del mar found at the northside of the beach frontage equipped  with either fan or  aircondition. Each cottage has  two rooms double deck beds.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4ML Beach Resort - Sarangani

Sarangani Province is located down south of the Philippines. Where you can discover a wonderful beaches in the Philippines. One of this is 4ML beach Resort at maasim Sarangani Province. This resort is just a small and solemn local vacation places to discover. In the future this place will be known to the world as one of the best tourist spot not just in the province but also over the open eyes of the world.

They offer minimal fee, the cottage rent is just over Php 500 - Php 1000 depending on how big you want to rent.

You can also try to have fish therapy  because of mangroves over the place there are lots of small fishes that are helping cleaning your dead skin. It is one of the relaxing features of this resort.

Rock coral sand


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Friday, July 8, 2011

Isla Parilla Resort, Sarangani

 at night with frogstone

Available Rooms

Floating Single Cottage     P1,800.00
Floating Family Suite        P2,500.00


Single Room

2 twin beds w/ pull out beds
Lavaratory and Bathroom
With Verandah for Viewing
Fully air-conditioned
Hot and Cold Shower
Maximum of 4 People

Family Suite

2 Bedrooms
Lavaratory and Bathroom
Mini Living Room in the Verandah
Fully air conditioned
Hot and Cold Shower
Maximum of 7 People

Swimming Pools and Restuarant is Open 24 Hours
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sarangani Eco Park

Rood trip to sarangani we drop by to IML ecopark. This new and amazing resort is just 1 hour and half from General Santos City. The place was very nature loving and you can encounter new sites and views.

You can enjoy the swimming pool and the cottages.

Entrancee fee for the swimming pool is Php 50.00 you can enjoy the pool 24 hours.

The resort has its own restaurant and function hall. Event is very enjoyable if you will held at the ecopark. Affordable prices and great view is there main attraction. You can eat fresh sea foods in there restaurant.

Open Cottage is just Php 200 for the whole day. Aside from the pool you can also try their 580 meter zipline above the sea.

If you want to spent overnight at this place well you need to ready your Php 1,500.00. The room is air-condition and have its own CR. The room is really comfortable for the family.

For more picture just visit frogstone.
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