Wednesday, September 23, 2020

An Island Living You Won’t Forget

Every place we visit gives us a certain kind of feeling that we can’t forget. Every place we find ourselves in leaves us a memory we would always go back to whenever a sense of nostalgia kicks in and we’re feeling a bit under the weather. We just replay those moments inside our head and we’re on our way to feeling relieved and a little more hopeful for better days.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend 2 weeks in this sacred place that I now consider my home. I know it’s only been a mere two weeks of stay, but Camp Bernardino de Lavigan gave me so much to remember, to learn, and to appreciate that I’m feeling more motivated now to move forward in life despite everything that’s going on. I work as an editorial writer for a lifestyle magazine and my boss assigned me for an immersive trip to this place, and write about budding resorts in Mindanao in anticipation of the new normal tourism efforts of the country. I was really hesitant at first, because as a city girl living in Manila who’d be thrown into complete rurality without any good reception, that was not a completely good idea for me. But I accepted the project anyway and I definitely had no regrets that I did. The thing about Camp Bernardino for me was it was a very refreshing experience. As someone who’s used to all the hustle and bustle of the city, overwhelming with air and noise pollution everywhere, I was able to see life from a different point of view while there. The resort made me feel like I’m more at home than ever and suddenly it dawned on me that living simply and more laid back like that makes us appreciate the simpler things the world can offer - the bounty of nature, the pretty sunset that starts at exactly 5:10pm every day since day 1 of my stay, and the beautiful sunrises that reminds us every day is a new chance to get better. Its rawness and genuinely captivating island living experience really struck me. It made so much impact on me how people can be content with what they have, and be sincerely happy about others’ happiness also, like how their staff took care of me well while I was there.

Davao Oriental’s new beach resort is the perfect place to get a new perspective in life. So if you’re looking where to stay in Davao Oriental, check out this beach resort near Mati now. More info available at

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

What to Have with Your Spicy Buffalo Wings

These days, I’ve been having more buffalo wings than usual. Aside from the fact that it’s widely available thanks to Davao food delivery being greatly improved and optimized, it’s just a dish that you can have at almost any time of the day. Although it is technically an appetizer, its place in the Filipino table can be interchanged.  As a snack, as part of your meal, or as pulutan, it never disappoints. 

Here are some of the best things that can go with your spicy buffalo wings:

Rice - For Filipinos, having something savory to go with hot rice is one of the best feelings in the world. Having the buffalo wings sauce mingle with rice makes me reach for more servings. It’s not always the best choice if you’re watching your diet, but in the end, there are no regrets.

Potato fries/wedges - Hands down, these two together are finger food royalty. This pair is best to have when enjoying a movie or spending time with friends. The best part is eating it with your hands.

Pasta - Chicken naturally goes well with pasta, so it’s no surprise that some people also have their spicy wings with it. Having them together also leaves me feeling very content after every meal.

Garden Salads - The kick from the buffalo wings is such a good complement to the refreshing taste of the greens in your salad. What I like the best is that this pair packs the nutrients in every bite. For those who aren’t fans of leafy ones, any kind of salad will also do.

Drinks - In Davao, delicious buffalo wings are almost always ordered alongside the group’s favorite bucket of drinks. I think this is true for most parts of the country. It’s totally okay to have some sauce sticking on your chin as long as everyone’s having a good time in a get-together or winding down with a couple of friends with their trusted bottle of beer. 

Whether prepared at home for that 100% lutong bahay feel or ordered online for fast craving satisfactions, spicy buffalo wings can go with almost anything. When ordering online, I find it best to get it from a place with a wide range in their menu. Recently I’ve been trying out Xpress Eats, which recently added buffalo wings to their menu. Since their menu is always expanding, I also try the wings out with other choices to see what else it can go with. You can easily grab one on their website too. 

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Top 5 Beach Resorts every Davaoeno Loves

Camp Bernardino De Lavigan

One of the greatest things about being Davaoeno, aside from the fact that we are a safe and secure city, is that we have the most convenient access point to so many beach resorts! Literally, when you cross borders from Lasang up north, you’ll encounter so many resorts on your way to the tip of Governor Generoso, or going further to Surigao. When you go South, then you’ll be greeted by the pristine waters of Sarangani Bay. If you’re not a fan of long drives, then the city still has you covered with its 15-minute boat ride to the Island of Samal. There are just so many places you can choose from and you’ll never run out of destinations whenever you want a quick break from everything. Among all these pretty places, here are the top 5 beach resorts that every Davaoeno (and non-Davaoeno of course!) is sure to love:

Samal Island string of beach resorts - in this place alone, there’s like 20 or more beautiful private resorts that can fill up your list. 

Sarangani and Glan - hosting several beach resorts, this was once a go-to place for rave parties for people who love loud music and festivities. But aside from this reputation, Sarangani is home to the largest freshest tunas in the world. So pack up and dig in!

Siargao - accessible by both land and air, Siargao is the ultimate surfing capital of the Philippines. No questions about that! It’s very popular not only among Pinoys but also foreign tourists who really take time and effort to check out the large waves of this place. Many celebrities also flock in here to get a taste of the island vibe.

Dahican stretch of beaches - next to Samal, perhaps Dahican is the ultimate go-to place of Davaoenos. Many millennials flock in here as a quick weekend getaway trip especially during summer, holy week and other long breaks. Dahican boasts a similar vibe with Siargao which holds a lot of potential for international tourists.

Governor Generoso - the newest gameplayer is GovGen, which is also in Davao Oriental. With many budding resorts in the area, this is the perfect destination for people who are looking for a more laid back vibe resort near Mati Dahican Beach’s crowded surroundings. Davao Oriental’s new beach resorts include Camp Bernardino de Lavigan, a glamping place that offers a lot of water activities like snorkeling, diving, fishing and boating with a majestic view of the sunset.

Check out beach resorts in Davao now. Visit if you want to know more!

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Things To Do at Malagos Garden Resort

You might already be drawing up plans for a family trip or a trip with friends after this pandemic as the tourism industry has slowly started opening again. You might already be thinking where to go in Davao city. Well, if you haven’t been to Malagos Garden Resort then you’re in for a treat. Here is some of Malagos Garden Resort things to do and what to expect in Malagos Garden Resort:


Watch animal shows. Malagos Garden Resort animal shows are one of the most meaningful shows I’ve been to so far. It’s not simply a show and tell but also a platform for the resort’s preservation and conservation advocacy. It features rehabilitated and rescued birds as well as native farm animals that city boys and girls might enjoy seeing doing a few tricks here and there. My favorite is bob the chicken who can fly through hoops!


Ride an albino carabao. Bianca is also a star of their Animal Encounter show. Bianca is an albino carabao, which, according to the show host, is a genetic disorder that causes the skin, hair, and eyes to have little or no color. Bianca then is not just any ordinary grey carabao but a white carabao! Bianca’s activity time involves lounging by the Malagos creek and doing a bit of exercise through the Kalesa ride.


Take a trip on their cacao farm. Their cacao farm is well—full of cacaos! It features cacao trees and their award winning heirloom cacaos that is internationally acclaimed. That and you get to know how chocolates are made from bean to bar. Their cacao facility is as amazing as their chocolate facility. Each has their own charm.


Mold your own chocolate. One of the Malagos Garden Resort activities my kids simply love to go back over and over. Molding your own Malagos chocolate at the Malagos chocolate laboratory is something you can proudly say is truly Davao plus you get to take home delicious, international award-winning chocolates you made yourself (which you can claim you made from scratch and get away with!)


Try their farm to table food. I have been on a mission to try out all of the offerings on their menu. I’ve been failing quite a few times since I always go back to their birdwatcher’s pizza, aglio olio pasta, and chocolate freeze! Their food is a must-try and the family and I quite enjoy trying out new things on (sometimes off) the menu items!

As Malagos Garden Resort plans to reopen soon, you can check out their homegrown products through their all natural online grocery store Malagos Homegrown Produce. Go check them out!

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Self Pampering Time at Camp Bernardino

The most cherished moments in life are those when you feel most relaxed and content physically, spiritually and mentally. When you are in your best condition in all of these 3 dimensions of yourself, you are more inclined to a happier perspective in life. You are able to appreciate even the simplest things and understand your self worth. If you feel like you’ve been doing so much and have been through so much over the past few months, that’s fine. It’s perfectly normal to feel really stressed out because of the impacts of the crisis. We all have that point where we feel like we’re breaking down. So if you notice yourself being completely drained away by the stressful stuff that you’re facing, then take a pause and breathe. You need to relax and take a time off just to pamper yourself. Some people prefer going on retail therapy, where they buy lots of stuff to make themselves feel better. Some go for a quick trip to the coffee shop and order their favorite macchiato or ice blended coffee. While some prefer to go on a quick vacation elsewhere like the mountain, a new city, or the beach. Locally, you don’t need to go far just to go on a me time. We are lucky to have lots of choices for beach trips here in Davao, and the list just continues to get longer.

In the quiet ends of Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental, you will find a sanctuary where you can pamper your body, mind and spirit. The place is just very peaceful and relaxed, and it allows you to clear your thoughts. Considered the best beach resort to relax, Camp Bernardino de Lavigan started welcoming guests last July and they instantly received positive feedback from guests because of their offers and services. They have a spa, which is the go-to activity if you want to relax. They have an outdoor bar that faces Davao Gulf, where you can just drink your favorite cocktail while you gaze at the majestic sunset view. If your definition of me time is going physically active, then you can also try out their water activities like snorkeling, diving and fishing. Being closer to nature always makes you feel alive and truly living. 

So if you’re looking for a resort to go for relaxation, Camp Bernardino de Lavigan Resort and Spa is the place to go to. Check them out today at

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Barkada Trip to Remember

After months of being stuck in quarantine, not seeing your friends for a long time and just binge watching some netflix series or K-drama, we all deserve the break that we need in the safest possible way. Here in Davao, we’re lucky enough to have a government that does its best to take care of its people. There are numerous protocols, guidelines, restrictions and other things being implemented just to make sure that we contain the virus and continue to flatten the curve. As citizens, it’s our responsibility to abide and comply with all the requirements. So if you feel like you need that break and have been dying to see your friends and catch up, you can always do so as long as you follow these protocols. Make sure you travel safe and are responsible enough to not cause any more trouble for the government and frontliners. Although we’re not really at the end of the line as far as this crisis is concerned, we can still continue with our new normal lives with proper safety measures. 

For Davao residents, you don’t need to go very far if you’re dying for a vacation. There’s a newly opened resort in Davao Oriental that offers a lot of activities that the entire barkada will surely enjoy. Camp Bernardino de Lavigan at Governor Generoso is indeed, the place to be!

Kayaking - a favorite leisure activity of all barkada, enjoy this water activity in the resort and ride through the pristine waters of Davao Gulf

Chill and Catch Up - the resort’s bar is facing the beach directly that offers a majestic view of sunset. It’s perfect for that months’ worth of catching up while you toast to the resort’s signature drinks.

Bonfire - also a fun and unique way to just chill and enjoy the night skies, make your bonding moments cozier with this intimate activity

Snorkeling and Diving - enjoy the colorful views of corals and big fishes that are abundant in the area. Take lots of photos with the barkada and achieve that IG Feed Goals you’ve always dreamed of.

Spa - after a day of fun filled activities, best to end it with therapies that will heal the body and mind. The resort has services that mix both traditional and modern hilot practices perfect to recharge the entire gang.

If you’re looking for Davao beach resorts for family and friends, check out, It’s Davao Oriental’s best beach resort and one of the Davao region resort list perfect form that barkada trip you surely won’t forget!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Want to Feel Good? Check Out These Places

The recent months have been so stressful for all of us. Not all people might be able to show their stress levels, but this doesn’t mean the pandemic did not affect them in any way. Some really just prefer not to express it. But if you’re feeling really under the weather and you think you need a break, then go ahead. It’s best to take care of your mental health as much as you prioritize your physical health. It pays to go on vacations because it recharges your mind and makes you be able to think clearly. For residents of the Davao Region, you don’t need to worry about booking that flight to Boracay or Palawan for that quick break. It’s really risky to go to the airport because you might be at risk of virus exposure. Instead, you can try exploring these top 3 must-visit tourist destinations in Davao oriental that will make you feel relaxed, recharged, and ready for your own battles! They are just a quick drive from Davao, ranging from 4 to 5 hours of travel time, you’re already in the destination you need.

Aliwagwag Falls - boasting that staircase formation of waterfalls, Aliwagwag Falls is perfect for that mystical breather that you want because it’s tucked in the middle of lush trees that make a perfect panoramic view as you take a refreshing bath in the falls. You can even unleash the daredevil in you and try jumping from the highest point into the falls. 

Cape San Agustin - if you’re into taking pictures, then this is the perfect spot to get that coveted shot! Very IG worthy and located at a high altitude, Cape San Agustin is a favorite among photographers for prenup and debut shoots. You can check out this place and learn more about Davao Oriental’s religious roots.

Camp Bernardino de Lavigan - if you plan on staying for a while, but want to avoid the crowds, then check out this place. It’s a new beach destination in Davao Oriental perfect for that laidback nature vibe where you can really clear your thoughts. This beach resort in Mati has lots of activities to offer and delicious food that you can enjoy while you watch the mesmerizing sunset or the clear view of the stars at night.

Don’t pressure yourself too much and if you think you’re being drained, then go on a break. Check out to see their rates and pack your bags now!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Paradise Found

Camp Bernardino de Lavigan

Living in the city can get very overwhelming and draining. You get suffocated not only by the pollution from cars and buildings, but by the noise that disturbs your inner peace. Many times, you become so stressed out about work or school not because of the load itself. But because you are stuck in a place where there seems to be no sense of calmness. This is something that you need to be mindful of especially if you feel that you are overworked. Mental health is just as important as your physical well being. That’s why it’s also very important that you take that much-needed break once in a while.

Going to the beach for a vacation or a quick time off is a perfect way to destress and clear your thoughts. With the blue waters as your view and a taste of nature, you surely will find that peace that you cannot feel in the urban areas. If you’re from Mindanao, look no further because it has just the perfect place to recharge and regain that energy that has drained away from months of doing so much stuff. In the heart of Barangay Lavigan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental, lies a paradise that’s perfect for every tired soul. Its secludedness and remoteness is perfect for you to just go off the grid and free your mind from the toxicity that you’re experiencing in the city. The best part about it is that it has the most wonderful view of the sunset! It’s as if you are reminded that it’s okay for this day to end, or that you’ve missed out on some things, because tomorrow, you’ll find a new beginning and tons of new opportunities you can seize. It’s also very relaxing because it offers glamping rooms, a very cozy and natural feels of being one with nature. 

If you’re wondering how to go to Camp Bernardino de Lavigan and experience a romantic place in the Davao region, check out and discover Governor Generoso’s top tourist destination in Davao Oriental.

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Tips for an Elegant Garden

Davao Urban gardening

We all have our dream gardens. Be it that industrial type that has a more modern take, or that lustful green paradise that makes us feel like we’re in a Disney book. The key to creating the perfect outdoor oasis is thoughtful landscaping. It doesn’t really matter if you have a spacious yard for all those plant babies, or if you live in a more urban area that has space limitations. To help you transform your yard, patios, gardens, and or your sprawling estate by the countryside, we’ve gathered some time-tested landscaping tips that will truly make the most out of the surroundings that you already have. Without further ado, here are the outdoor beauties that will give you that coveted elegant garden design.

  • Flower walls - to create a natural illusion of privacy, make that wall of florals and blooms. You can use flowering shrubs like hydrangeas in this landscape idea. They can act like a division wall plus they enhance the air of romance in that already romantic setting that is your garden. Always make sure to prune the branches of your flowers so sunlight can pour in.
  • Garden Dining Area - the best way to make your garden functional is to make it your dining extension. Turn your vegetable garden into a dreamy outdoor dining area complete with wooden tables and chairs to give your landscaping a farm-ish countryside or vineyard look.
  • Rooftop Dining - for people living in tightly-packed neighborhoods, worry no more! Turn your vacant and spacious rooftops into a loft where you and your friends can gather for some weekend night grilling sessions. A wooden cover will create a dappled light effect to give the space a vacation feels.
  • Garden shed - have a lot of stuff you don’t normally use? Build a petite shed in the middle of your yard and make that space all useful and your own. A living archway or canopy of vines that lead to your shed gives it a dreamy fairytale effect.
  • Flower-Covered Pergola - what’s better than eating Sunday brunch outdoors? Eating out under a flower-covered pergola. Achieve that french-inspired look and Paris vibes with this add on to your garden, complete with bistro chairs and tables.

Transform your home into the elegant garden that you see in magazines and blogs. If you’re wondering where to buy indoor and outdoor plants in Davao that will get you started, check out Malagos Homegrown Produce’s plants and herbs available on their website They are the best Davao Online Grocery that will cater to all your gardening and produce needs.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

5 Best Dishes in the Philippines

The Philippines is known to have a rich culture, different sceneries, natural wonders, beautiful people, and good food. When it comes to this, the depth of our heritage is really immeasurable. Meanwhile, something that we Filipinos should also indulge with is our food. The different influences made it unique and the creativity of Filipinos made it more appealing. Our classic staples are absolutely something we should be proud of. But what are those? Anent to that, here are 5 best dishes in the Philippines.

1. Adobo

Unofficially declared as the Philippine national dish, adobo is one of the tastiest and well-loved staples that best characterize the country. This sumptuous dish widely varies and can come in pork, chicken, and even fish. There is still a wider range of adobo versions since the word pertains to the cooking style which means to braise. Therefore anything braised in soy sauce or vinegar is called an adobo. 

2. Humba 

This is definitely a top food in any occasion in the Philippines and in every event, there's surely nothing that will entice people more than a humba will do. A sweeter way of braising pork in soy sauce and has a unique texture of tender meat that almost melts in your mouth. Even on simple occasions, humba is still unlike any other when it comes to comforting people.

3. Fried Chicken 

Fried chicken is a dish consisting of chicken pieces which have been coated in a breading mix and then fried. Through time, the standard of the best fried chicken has always been crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. Whenever you serve this to your family and the sound of the crust starts, that's when the excitement begins. 

4. Lechon

This whole roasted pig is a symbol of grandiosity of an event. Also, this is definitely one of the most well-loved dishes in the Philippines. This lechon is also a stand out during occasions, that crispy vibrant red skin and tender, juicy, flavorful meat and the herbs and spices stuffed in it are what make lechon extraordinary. No wonder why many people continuously look for it.

5. Sisig

Another Filipino staple that no one should miss out on is sisig, a Kapampangan dish made from parts of pig head and chicken liver. Sisig is usually seasoned with calamansi, onions and chili peppers. It is basically characterized as something sour and is best paired with beer for many Filipinos.

Filipino favorites are really timeless. Wherever you are in the Philippines or from what generation you are, these favorites remain the most well-loved. In case you haven't tasted some of it yet, it's time to start trying it out. In my case, I always crave for anything about Filipino cuisine. I guess that's what my taste buds are really for. Good thing there's a Food Online Delivery in Davao I can always call out whenever I need a go-to comfort food, and they don't disappoint! 

The online food delivery I'm talking about is Xpress Eats, an online metropolitan eatery serving authentic Filipino cuisine that's 100% lutong bahay. When craving for these favorites, I simply go to Xpress Eats website, and click for orders. With just my fingertips, I get access to Xpress Eats' new Menu and get the Best Food Pack Meals in Davao without spending too much effort!

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Kid Friendly Beach Trip

Beautiful beach resort in Davao Oriental

If you’re planning on taking the kids on a road trip and to the beach, you might want to check out this new beach resort in Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental called Camp Bernardino de Lavigan. They are completely family-friendly and offer a lot of resort activities for the kids! Here are 5 reasons why Camp Bernardino is now the best resort in Davao for families and what to expect in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan:

  • The calm waters. You can just put your kids by the shoreline, let them explore building their own sandcastles, and do your thing. You don’t need to worry about gigantic waves that might put them to danger because the waters here are 100% calm all year.
  • The staff are attentive. Unlike other resorts where there is a poor ratio of staff to customers, this one is highly commendable. Thanks to their Mandaya roots, the staff are very accommodating and will really do their best to make your stay the most comfortable. You can guarantee that your kids are secure because the resort has eyes everywhere. Staff are all over the place, so no reason that your kids can be put in harm’s way.
  • They are well equipped. The staff are well trained and they have a lifeguard on duty during the beach’s operating hours, so you can rest your mind knowing that if you need to go to the comfort room, the lifeguard will be there to protect your kids.
  • The rich marine life even in shallow waters. Aside from safety and security concerns, the rich wildlife is a good place to start educating your kids about the importance of marine biodiversity. The best part is you don’t need to go to deep waters just to get a glimpse of this wonder! You can take them snorkeling even just a few meters away from the shoreline and you’ll have plenty of things to explore.
  • Complete gears provided. If you forgot or don’t have any snorkeling gears with you, don’t worry because the resort offers complete gear that you can rent during your stay. 

Start packing and check out today! You’ll never run out of what to do in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan because there are also other tourist attractions nearby that are perfectly kid-friendly. 

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Stunning Philippine Beaches

The Philippines is so fortunate to have 1,107 islands that compose it, all of which have a certain unique beauty to blow your mind. Most tourists would flock over to Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, and Bohol, the top famous destinations for those who really want to witness the pristine beauty of our resources. We mostly see them fill up these places during peak seasons like summer or at the beginning of the year in the months of January to February, when flight bookings are also overspilling. It’s great that we have these curious bunch of people who want to know what the Philippine waters and tropical vibe feels like. But beyond these mainstream destinations are quiet wonders that are just waiting to be discovered.

Pagudpud beach in the far ends of Ilocos is a developing place that is perfect for those who want to go surfing but at the same time want to avoid the large crowds of Siargao or Mati. It’s known as the Boracay of the North and you’ll see why once you get a hold of their powdery sands. It also has a wide coastline with 20 wind turbines, making it Asia’s first windmill farm. If you’re up for the long drive, then this place is for you!

Down here in Mindanao, we’ve got Siargao as our main contender. Mati seconds the list, and both beaches are known as the surfing go-to place here in the Philippines. But if you’re more of a chill person and don't really want to go surfing, you still can enjoy both these beaches a different way. Siargao offers a lot of lagoons that make you feel you’re not in the same place. Mati also has a museum you can visit just to see the place in a deeper perspective.

The most exciting part of looking for the top beach resort in the Philippines is that it doesn’t end there. There are a lot of new developments now especially in Mindanao, exploring the glamping side of beach tourism. One of which is Camp Bernardino de Lavigan. What makes this place so unique is that it’s a complete package of luxury and outdoor adventure all in one! You feel the comfort that you experience in hotels, but at the same time, you feel more connected to nature because you’re in a tent basically, and you can freely explore the place in a laid back manner. The lifestyle is so simple and provincial, that you can just relax and enjoy the many water activities that they offer like fishing, diving, snorkeling, sailing, and more. There are also a lot of nearby attractions you can go to while in the area.

So what are you waiting for? Start typing where is Camp Bernardino de Lavigan, or how to get to Camp Bernardino de Lavigan and pack up for your next trip to one of the Philippine’s stunning beaches.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Beyond what the Eyes Meet

A lot of you might be wondering, what is so beautiful about Mindanao in general? People tend to have that misconception that it’s still a mess out here. They often get scared when they hear the word Mindanao come up, thinking it’s the land of terrorists and bombings. But that conception about the region is so outdated that people need to start thinking, Mindanao is really a beautiful place that has a lot of attractions waiting to be discovered. We have now evolved to be one of the most visited tourist sites in the Philippines, thanks to the continuous efforts of local residents to change our identity. One of the most popular places in Mindanao is Surigao, where you can find Siargao and Sohoton. Both are so stunning in their own way! If you are in for the ride, Siargao is the place to be. You can stay there for a month and never get bored because of the peaceful community that it has and the captivating waves and lagoons that make your itinerary full packed. If you’re more of a natural wanderer, then Sohoton is for you. Try boating and touching the jellyfish in their lagoons, spelunking, and more beaches that are too beautiful to be missed.

Aside from Surigao, one of the rising tourist attractions now is Governor Generoso which is located in Davao Oriental. It boasts a lot of land and water attractions that are perfect for those who want to have a breath of fresh air. With Governor Generoso’s rich culture and resources, one can never go wrong. It’s highly known for its famous Cape San Agustin, where you can see a majestic view of the pacific ocean. But now there are resorts sprouting everywhere where you can witness the beautiful collision of Davao Gulf and the Pacific ocean while enjoying splendid views of the sunset, which is one of the things it’s known for too. It has a rich history that you can learn through the welcoming Mandaya locals, and a place abundant with almaciga and coconut trees, which play a big part in its local livelihood. There are also mangrove forests, waterfalls, and the UNESCO world heritage site Mt. Hamiguitan, if you’re in for a complete adventure trip! There’s so much more left undiscovered in this place and with the efforts of the local tourism, it’s now getting the spotlight it deserves.

Planning to visit the new best tourist destination in Davao Oriental? What better way to do so than to stay in the top place to visit in Governor Generoso, You don’t need to ask what to expect in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan because they have a long list of outdoor activities you and your family can enjoy.

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Friday, September 4, 2020

The Proposal

We all have the perfect dream proposal setup that we have in mind. Most of us take inspiration from the movies we watch, and girls most especially get all lovesick when they look at their favorite actors on bended knees and finally put a ring on it. It’s just so romantic and we can’t help but think, can this happen to me in real life? Well of course it can! Guys don’t need to feel pressured because the perfect proposal doesn’t really mean hurting your bank account just to make her say yes. We all get that misconception - that we need to spend a luxury just to make her feel special. But most of the time, it’s really just how you pull it off and make sure that it’s genuinely from the heart that you want to make her your one and only for the rest of your lives. And even the simplest gesture will win over anyone’s heart. 

So today, here are some tips for guys out there who might be thinking of settling and tying the knot already:

  1. Do it in the perfect place - the perfect place doesn’t mean 5-star hotels. All you need to do is set the mood right. You can do this with the help of your friends!
  2. Catch her off guard - this is a bit tricky because you’ll never know what you’re gonna get. But a little thrill and a big hint of surprise is usually what gets the ladies. Just make sure you don’t make it seem too obvious that you’re about to do it!
  3. Pick the perfect time of the day - some do it at night over a romantic dinner arrangement. You can also do it during sunset when the sky is all golden and really moody. It makes for the most romantic scenario, especially by the beach.
  4. Be sincere and genuine - the most important tip of all is to be sure about what you’re doing. Don’t do it if you have even the tiniest bit of hesitation in you. Don’t do it just because you’re worried about your age or if you have other thoughts going on inside your head. Most often than not, it would just end up in a disaster. So before doing anything and choosing the perfect ring, be sure this is what you want!

If you want to know where‘s the best beach resort for couples in Davao, and where to celebrate romantic moments like this, then check out this beach resort near MATI called Camp Bernardino de Lavigan now. It’s serene, romantic, and breathtaking. Truly one for the books!

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Spa for the Soul

Perhaps the only bad thing about spas and therapies is this - they can get so addictive! It’s like heroin that once your body gets a taste of it, then you keep coming back for more. And honestly, we can’t blame you for it. The spa is just a piece of paradise here on Earth that allows us to recharge our body and minds after long days at work, or after being stressed for a long period of time. It goes without saying that the spa is the body’s best friend when we want to rejuvenate and keep a healthy disposition in life. For some of you who still hasn’t made their first-ever trip to the spa, here are the benefits that it promises:

  1. It helps you destress. It’s a fantastic way to relax and offers a great opportunity to temporarily separate you from everyday stressors and have some precious me time. This can clear your mind and increase your productivity later on.
  2. It helps with anti-aging. Facials are known to help delay and prevent the onset of wrinkles by hydrating the skin. 
  3. It promotes better sleep. Massages relax your muscles and lower your blood pressure, it also helps maintain a healthy heart rate which is important to have a good night’s sleep.
  4. Relieves muscle aches and pains. Get a massage that focuses on the problem areas which will help to fully relax the muscle tissue.
  5. Improves blood flow and circulation because they regulate your blood pressure. This is very beneficial to your health including helping fight off diseases.
  6. Increased happiness levels. Massages at the spa are known to release serotonin, which is the happy hormone. This helps lift your mood once your therapy is finished. You can also reap the benefits of this boost in the coming days, too!
  7. Reduced frequency of migraines. Because of stress, headaches can become more prominent. But with the spa, the chances of a frequent annoying headache is greatly reduced. This is because massages help relieve the tension that often causes these headaches.

There are indeed a lot of promising benefits you can reap from getting a massage. The best ones are those that give you the best relaxing views! If you want to know a spa resort in the Davao region that gives you the best place to relax and unwind, you can check out Camp Bernardino de Lavigan’s Lim-aw Spa. They offer massages by the beach which is perfect for you to have some quality time to yourself!

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

5 Reasons Why Eating A Meal Together As A Family Important For Kids

 "The family that eats together stays together". Maybe you've already heard of that a couple of times already. But what exactly does this phrase mean? Basically, studies have shown that there are significant benefits when a family eats together, but what exactly are those? If you're not eating together with your family, you might want to consider these 5 reasons why eating a meal together as a family is important for kids. 

1. When a family eats together, chances are, kids eat a wider variety of foods.

Kids are usually picky eaters and when you finally serve them with vegetables, they're most likely to be found separating it from the foods they wanna eat. Meanwhile, in the case of kids who get to eat with the family, they tend to eat a wider variety of foods as they taste what the adults are eating and they become less picky eaters in the long run.

2. As the family gets to talk more when eating together, the chances of obesity are reduced.

When children are left alone when eating, they tend to eat more. On one hand, when eating together, the family gets to talk more, and chances of obesity are reduced.

3. Kids get to help in preparing the meal and that's when they get involved with family chores

There's nothing better than when children get involved in household chores and eating together most likely gets them involved with chores. This is actually a good start to get children to do chores and create a sense of sharing of responsibility in the house.

4. When the family eats together, parents can set examples to their children. 

Although children tend to be picky eaters, or they don't eat a wide variety of foods, they'd be able to adapt with the family's eating habits later on. If parents set an example of good dietary habits to children, they will be able to bring it upon adulthood.

5. Eating together is already a quality time to strengthen family ties.

Lastly, eating is actually an opportunity to strengthen family ties. It's when the whole family gets to talk and spend time with each other after the long busy day. It's somewhat a matter of capping off the day with the family.

When it comes to eating, I always insist that the whole family should be there. No matter how busy we get, we always make sure to have a quality meal time together. I also have to acknowledge how we did it especially in this pandemic, even during days when my schedule is hectic and I can't seem to cook for us, I still get to prepare meals with the help of a Davao food delivery that brings us food my family can never resist. It really brings us together. On where to order food online in Davao, I only buy from Xpress Eats serving affordable party food near me such as humba, fried chicken, vegetables and carbonara. I love how Xpress Eats bridges gaps between us and it makes our meals more enjoyable and fun for the family!

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Top 10 Common Breakfast Staples Filipinos Have at Home

You ever pause for a while and think of how your breakfast has become? Things even get a lot worse when you get separated from your family and this is particularly true to some working fellows. Whenever you miss anything about home, Filipino food is always the way to go. If you want to kickstart your day, here are 10 Filipino breakfast staples you can try!

1. Fried rice 

What's even better than fried rice. Filipinos certainly love this because it's easy to prepare and savory. Also, you won't need any more viand because fried rice is enough and filling by itself. You just need rice, some oil, seasoning and soy sauce to make it.

2. Bulad 

Who's to resist bulad? Almost every Filipino knows about this. This is a staple that makes us effortlessly finish our meals. Paired with chili and vinegar, it makes the perfect combo to give you that good breakfast.

3. Chorizo and Longganisa

These two staples are also commonly served in Filipino homes. Since these two are easy to cook and tasty, they become our go-to meals.

4. Tocino 

This uniquely made tocino is tasty and appealing to almost anyone that we stock up on them every time we're doing groceries. Its semi-sweet flavor is also perfect when paired with rice.

5. Hotdogs

These are kids' delight! Everytime you give them this, you'd see smiles up till the ear and who's to blame? Hot dogs are definitely tasty and easy to prepare.

6. Sunny side up

When talking about the typical Filipino breakfast, I bet that a sunny side up is what comes first to our mind. This is easy to make, tasty, and most of all, it meets our body's protein needs. So don that egg and do it now!

7. Ampalaya with egg

Ampalaya (bitter gourd) with egg is also a top Filipino favorite. We love it because of the authentic taste and the savory fusion of egg and ampalaya makes. It's also inexpensive and healthy.

8. Tortang talong 

Aside from ampalaya, something that we also can't resist is the classic tortang talong. It's just so appetizing, and can be enjoyed without any dip, but when paired with soy sauce and calamansi makes your breakfast ecstatic!

9. Instant Noodles 

Sometimes, Filipino homes cook noodles as accompaniment to bulad, but we also take it alone, or with rice. It's the easiest to cook, time efficient, absolutely filling and delicious.

10. Corned beef with egg

Most of the time, we also love to innovate with canned goods, and one of the most common is a corned beef with egg. It's really tasty and Filipinos can testify how an egg can level up a humble canned good.

As for me, I always make these favorites. My family's undying love for these staples make me stock up on these goods from time to time. Good thing, a Davao online grocery and delivery called Instakart lets me acquire these the most convenient way. It's my trusted online store in Davao and I definitely love how it saves me so much time. In just a click my grocery items are delivered. On where to buy online grocery in Davao, I recommend you try Instakart. You'd surely love their reliable and affordable service!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

My First Fiddle Leaf

Getting your first indoor plant can be very exciting and sometimes you can get very carried away with it because you don’t really understand the practices to keep it healthy. Locally, one of the most loved indoor plant species is Fiddle Leaf Fig.  They have been popping up all over magazines, blogs, Instagram feeds, and just plain all over for the last couple of years. It is now considered as the new “it” house decor item and you just can’t help buy yourself one to make your house look more chic and alive. To know how to properly care for this crowd favorite plant, here are some guidelines.

Water regularly but not too much. No question that all plants need water but fiddles can be picky. It doesn’t need very much water and overwatering this plant is no good. Once you’ve had it for a couple of weeks, you’ll soon understand a watering schedule it needs. Check the topsoil if the top inch is dry, then go ahead and water it. This is usually once a week.

Check the water temperature. Plants in general hate extremely cold water, especially fiddles. Use lukewarm or room temperature instead. 

Carefully choose the light. Of course, all plants need light but fiddles need indirect light. They don’t need to be placed in an area where there is direct sunlight. No direct rays hitting them.

Rotate on a regular basis. This is so that the stem will wingback the other way towards the light and straighten out. 

Wipe the leaves. This helps so much. When leaves are too dusty, they aren’t able to soak up all the sun and nutrients they need. Leaves are important breathing devices of plants so keep them free of dust by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Look for brown spots, which may be caused by overwatering or not enough water! When a brown spot occurs, it can develop into a whole in the leaf. Take scissors and trim around it. 

Be cautious about draft and humidity. The location of your fiddle plant will determine the amount of water and sunlight it needs. Try to keep the plant away from an air vent or drafty window. 

Watch the roots. If you notice roots coming out of the bottom of the pot, then it’s a sign that you need to repot or root prune it. If you’re not sure how to root prune, then just get a larger pot.

Taking care of your first fiddle leaf or any indoor plant requires a lot of patience. If these tips got you excited then, start searching where to buy indoor plants in Davao or just type Davao online plants. Fiddle plants are now available in Malagos Homegrown Produce. Check out their website today!

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List of some of the most beautiful beaches in Mindanao (include CBDL)

The Philippines is a country blessed with so much natural resources be it on water or land. Wherever you choose to go on a vacation, you surely won’t run out of places to go in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. Mindanao, most especially, is a treasure that is not fully explored yet by many. Unlike the well known Boracay, Palawan, or other beaches in the Visayas, there are a lot of wonders here in Mindanao that are left to be discovered and experienced. Not many know about it yet because most of the time there’s a negative connotation to the word Mindanao, but actually, Mindanao is a friendly and culturally rich place that boasts a lot of wonderful beaches and other tourist attractions. Today, we’ve listed down a few that you might want to check out on your next trip here.

Samal Island - this is the most accessible Davao beach resort. It’s literally just 15 minutes away and that trip will even be cut shorter once the bridge is done. There are a lot of private properties here just waiting to be fully developed. The best part about Samal is Talicod and Kaputian, where you’ll find the rich marine biodiversity of the place and the crystal clear waters you can easily see the bottom of the ocean!

Dahican - who doesn’t know Dahican? Aside from Samal, people from Davao would usually flock to MATI for a quick weekend beach trip, especially during holidays. It’s just a 3-hour drive from Davao which makes it another ideal destination. The vibe here is perfect for surfers and groups of friends who just want to hang out by the beach over good music and beer.

Siargao - the famous Siargao, always so full of foreigners who just want the tropical island living experience. The vibe here is also nice because it’s more laidback that’s why most foreign tourists who flock here stay more than a month just partying and surfing and enjoying the Philippine island vibe!

Governor Generoso - one of the most underrated but definitely budding resorts are in Governor Generoso. Davao’s new beach destination is called Camp Bernardino de Lavigan which is a unique blend of luxury, cultural immersion, relaxation, and education. If you’re someone who wants to just chill and take things slow, and appreciate the finer things in life, then this beach is for you. This is the place to go for a full off-the-grid escape, and definitely one of the best resorts in the Philippines because it’s not yet spoiled and tainted.

There are still a lot of undiscovered wonders in Mindanao. For now, you might wanna check out Camp Bernardino, as part of the newest attractions of the region. Check out their website now

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Untouched Wonders of Governor Generoso

We all know Davao Oriental to be the ultimate go-to place if you want yourself to experience the best that nature can offer both on land and water. They have lots of natural resources and beautiful sights that are just so mesmerizing. We have Mati to satisfy your cravings for large waves and have the ride of your life. Then there’s Aliwagwag falls if you want something mystical and larger than life. Their beautifully designed falls that have a lot of pavilions and picnic tables make the spot an ideal destination for family outing that is not too formal, just a classic Filipino picnic with the family on a Sunday. There’s also Pusan Point at Caraga if you want to know more about science and astronomy and all those kinds of stuff. Surprisingly, they also have a deep pool if you want to go on a quick batch after touring the science discovery center.

But among all the municipalities in Davao Oriental, there’s always this municipality that never fails to amaze us. It’s Governor Generoso, which is located at the farmost eastern tip of the region. The beauty of Governor Generoso is timeless basically because of its geographic location which makes it a beautiful navigational starting point, and because of the abundance of natural sights that are still waiting to be discovered. Unlike more urban areas like Mati, Governor Generoso is left unspoiled.  There’s not much crowd in there, which makes it a peaceful and calm place to just appreciate nature. Aside from this, there are a lot of emerging resorts in the area which tells us that tourism is booming but the pristine and virginness of the place is still maintained. The place also boasts a lot of stories and information about the people’s culture and history, which is beautifully passed on to tourists through the locals who are so welcoming and warm.

One of the most famous attractions in the area is Cape San Agustin which is significant in the religious aspect and navigational advantage of the place. Another one of the rising places to go in Governor Generoso is the best beach in Davao Oriental called Camp Bernardino de Lavigan. Where is Camp Bernardino? Just check out their website and be amazed!

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Friday, August 28, 2020

Self Care Rituals You Can Do At Home

While we are constantly taking care of other people, thinking of all the stress and anxiety this whole pandemic is causing plus resolving all the personal problems we have in mind, taking care of ourselves might not be the priority all the time. Sometimes we forget to pamper ourselves and end up compromising the most important things like peace of mind. When it comes to times like these, aside from thinking about other people that matter to us, it is also crucial to learn how to care for ourselves. In connection to that, here are some self-care tips you can do to take care of yourselves.

1. Spend some quiet time with yourself.

Too many times, we simply rush out of bed and the first thing we do is face our problems and sleep with another set of things that worries us. Then the cycle goes on as we face it again the other day, leaving no time for ourselves. But just so you know, it has never been a waste of time to pause for a while and spend some time with yourself, rather it is beneficial to your mind. You can do some journaling, write down the things that worry you, and you'll be surprised how much relief you will have when you simply take a moment to reflect.

2. Have an exercise.

One way of caring for yourself is to also do something that stimulates your mood-lifting hormones, which is exercising particularly. When it comes to dealing with stress exercising is always the way to go, it has always been fail-free in relieving stress and giving peace of mind to people.

3. Pause for a while and take a deep breath.

When things get worse and it's seemingly impossible to deal with, breathe. Breathe for a while and take time to think. Reflect and pause for a moment and you'll simply find the peace of mind to start facing it again.

4. Pamper yourself.

Also, never forget to pamper yourself. Maybe you've been working too hard and have been too tight on yourself. Loosen up! Have a pampering bath, do the things you love, have some sleep if you want. You can even do yourself some makeover too. It's always up to you!

5. Indulge with comforting snacks.

When it comes to self-care as much as exercising helps, well so does eating. Indulging into your favorite comfort foods is always the way to go. Soak to its comfort, that's one of the times when you forget about your problems and just dig into it.

As for me, I also do these 5 things too. I exercise, spend time with myself, breathe for a while, pamper myself, and indulge into comfort foods. Of all these, one of the things I've always loved to do is to cook and just munch up with my favorites. Good thing, I can easily purchase healthy ingredients for snacks online. With the help of a Davao online grocery and delivery called Instakart, I get to buy almost anything that I need without stepping out of my home. It lets me shop by just clicking my phone. On where to buy snack ingredients near me, nothing really beats Instakart in terms of comfort and affordability. They also deliver fast too. All along, this has been such a great help to my self-care routine.

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An Oriental Water Experience

Going fishing and snorkeling is always a good idea. Both are fun relaxing activities that can be enjoyed even by kids. It’s also very educational because you encounter the vast marine life and you get up close and personal with the creatures below, which means you get to enrich your knowledge about them.

But the best part of snorkeling and fishing is that you also get to know the culture of a place. This is exactly true in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan, where you get to experience the waters of Davao Oriental, the oriental way. This is because the guides are all locals. They explain to you everything you need to know from the equipment to the types of fish that are abundant in their waters, and to the livelihood that they have. The bangkero and fishermen who will accompany you are so friendly that you will feel really safe when you are with them even if it’s your first time. They also help you with the techniques and strategies so you can get your first catch proudly! With the two hours or so that you will be together, waiting for your catch, you will have already known a lot about the place.

Snorkeling too is very unique in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan because the guide who will accompany you really treats the place as his home. He will tell you about the abundant fishes that live down under, and he’s already memorized the perfect spot to go snorkeling for instagram worthy photo ops. If you’re not that confident yet with your skills, then they will also gladly assist you until you’re fully comfortable on your own. 

This kind of experience is perfect for families with kids because they will really get entertained by the stories of these locals who love their job so much. It’s also perfect for groups of friends who would love to share a first catch together! Or if you are more of a solo traveler, then it’s fine too. You surely won’t feel too alone with kuya bangkero’s long stories of home. This is just some of Camp Bernardino de Lavigan’s resort activities you can try. If you are wondering what else to do in Camp Bernardino, and how to go to Camp Bernardino, then check out their website now at!

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Safe Snorkeling, Everyone!

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned snorkeler or diver, there are still a lot of tips that you need to keep in mind when going underwater. They are not necessarily technical stuff that you need to study or memorize. Instead, these are general safety tips to enjoy and make the most out of your snorkeling sessions!

Be confident in the water - confidence is the key! Believe in yourself and you can actually do it. For open water snorkeling, you can carry a highly visible swim buoy so you are easily noticeable for the people around you

Buy good quality snorkeling equipment - good investment really pays off. Do not ever compromise the quality of your gears just because you found a cheaper option. Remember good quality requires money. Buying from untrusted manufacturers might risk your safety out there.

Find a snorkel buddy - do not be too complacent and find someone you can bring along with you when you snorkel. Unexpected emergency situations can happen so it’s better if you can help each other out.

Stay hydrated but no alcohol - if you just had one heck of a party last night then it’s better to postpone your snorkeling plans. Swimming under the impact of alcohol could lead to dangerous situations.

Take a rest after eating - Do not go snorkeling when your tummy is full. The waves and accidentally drinking saltwater might mix up your stomach resulting in discomfort and feel of sickness. Eat light but nutritive food like fruits, vegetables, salads with chicken, wholemeal pasta which will give you energy for swimming.

These are just some tips that you need to remember in order to make sure that your snorkeling session is enjoyable and 100% safe. These tips will help minimize the chances of discomfort and/ or accidents.

If you’re from Davao and you want to experience the best of snorkeling, then just type “Where is Camp Bernardino” on Google and you’ll find it to be the best snorkeling spot in Davao Oriental. Camp Bernardino de Lavigan’s water activities include not just snorkeling but also diving, boating, and fishing. What to do in Camp Bernardino? Go snorkeling now! Check them out now on their website at

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3 Sure Ways to Support Your Local Farmer

Whether you’re a newbie in the local food scene or you’ve been buying and supporting your community farmers for the longest time, you’re already making a big difference and impact in the lives of our small farmers, small food producers, and small food distributors whom, as we all know, have been gravely hit especially this time of the pandemic. If you’re still assessing how and where to spend your money, best invest it in your local food system and local community.


Shop at local gardening stores. For your seeds, soil, garden plants, supplies, and other backyard gardening needs, shop at local gardening stores. Frequent the local garden shop and nurseries instead of big home improvement stores for soil, pots, seeds, starter plants, vermicompost, and organic fertilizers. These stores are usually small and family-owned and are probably not as busy, so employees will have more time to give you personal attention and gardening tips.


Buy from local grocers instead of chain supermarkets. Small grocers are the middlemen that make local food and other by-products available to you every day of the week. They often sell value-added products such as cheese, jams, chocolates, marinated fish and meat, and other produce that may not be available at the wet market. At the very least, you’re making a statement to the big supermarkets that you wish to see more local options on their selections.


Eat at farm-to-table restaurants and cafes. You might find yourself paying a bit more when you opt to dine at farm-to-table food outlets but your purchase will help local farmers continue to provide food for their community, and more importantly, it won’t be induced with hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. Another thing to consider as well is not just if it’s sustainably grown but also if it is observing fair trade. Fairtrade refers to the way workers are treated and not how the crops are grown. This makes your money’s worth more valuable.


Local isn’t just a fad or a niche, it’s an economic force. Be loyal, buy local. Support “support local” initiatives by the likes of Malagos Garden Resort and other Davao best resorts. I shop my fresh local produce from them via their online store Malagos Homegrown Produce. Delivery within Davao City is available!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Beauty of Snorkeling

If you ask me, the beauty of snorkeling is not limited to what meets the eyes. Yes of course, who could deny the pretty corals that bless your eyes or the cute little fishes that you see wherever you go underwater. Snorkeling also gives a lot of benefits for your body like it helps you develop body coordination, improve your breathing, and improve your cardiovascular health. But aside from these benefits, did you know that snorkeling also has a lot of psychological benefits for you!

Mental health: Exercise, including snorkeling, can help relieve stress and anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic. The controlled mouth breathing required of snorkelers is similar to many of the meditative breathing techniques that seek to relax and calm the body. Snorkeling regularly may help you feel more calm and at ease through simple relaxation.

Overcome risk factors: Snorkeling is great for overcoming a fear of diving. Since you don’t have to go deep and you can stand up at any time, it is a great introduction to what wearing a mask and breathing through your nose feels like. If at any time you feel claustrophobic, just stand up!

Better mood: Like all cardiovascular exercise, snorkeling has been shown to release endorphins that elevate mood. Snorkelers must practice controlled breathing in a rhythm similar to that used in many forms of meditation, which can calm the body and promote general relaxation.

Connects you with nature: Snorkeling allows you to encounter the most colorful creatures on earth. Watching their natural habitat and observing their behavior can be very helpful for patients who suffer from anxiety disorders and ADHD.

Snorkeling is definitely a simple and fun activity that provides you with a lot of benefits both physically and psychologically. It makes you feel calm and relaxed while you enjoy the beautiful marine biodiversity. If you’re looking for a Davao Resort with water activities like snorkeling, then you can check out Camp Bernardino de Lavigan. It’s a new resort in Davao Oriental that has a lot of offers and activities that make you relaxed. They just recently opened and no doubt, the reviews say the best thing to do in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan is definitely snorkeling! Check out their website at now to know more about them!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Governor Generoso’s Dive Spots

To experience the colorful wonders of marine life is every diver’s ultimate dream. The joys and thrills of being underwater and just being mesmerized by the creatures there is so surreal and it makes you feel like you’re in another dimension. We’re lucky enough that the Philippines has a lot of diving spots from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. We’re blessed with rich natural resources and because of that we have the responsibility to take care of them by doing responsible diving also. According to one professional scuba diver, diving tourism has grown greatly over the past few years which means more and more people are appreciating marine life. 

In Mindanao, there is one particular region that is now considered to be a rising diving capital of Davao Region. The best diving spot in Davao is actually in Governor Generoso. Right now, there are 3 diving sites identified in the region - Sigaboy Island, The Wall and the one near Cape San Agustin.

But there is also another rising diving spot in the area called Camp Bernardino de Lavigan. The resort just opened their doors last month and now they are building their reputation to be the next diving destination in Governor Generoso. So if you’re wondering what to do in Davao Oriental or what are the resort activities of Camp Bernardino, definitely diving comes first on the list. They are still preparing their staff and equipment because they have their own PADI certified divers. The good thing about this site is it can be an easy dive and even beginners will enjoy the experience. The next time you find yourself in Governor Generoso, try checking out these diving sites to see the difference in the wonders they offer. At Camp Bernardino de Lavigan for example, you can start out with snorkeling first before you proceed to diving. They also have other activities in the resort that you can enjoy. Unlike diving in Sigaboy, you can actually stay overnight in Camp Bernardino de Lavigan because they have glamping tents. They also have a restaurant that offers the freshest seafood. Check them out now on their website at to know more about this diving spot!

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Camp Bernardino: An Unfiltered Review

You all know how it is when I make reviews. As much as possible I make them as unfiltered as possible just to set your expectations and lay out what’s waiting for you in a certain place like resorts or restaurants.

So here goes my unfiltered review for this beach resort near Mati where I spent my long weekend with my family. Named Camp Bernardino, it’s actually from the owner’s father. It’s an average size resort that is good and spacious enough to give you the fresh air that you need from all the quarantine measures you’ve been through. It’s not too big which is good because I hate being lost in resorts without a proper map. Good thing this one has a proper map and is easy to navigate.

Anyway, their accommodation is unlike any other as they try to create this brand of glamping destination. This explains why their rooms are tents but it’s also amazing because they managed to install air conditioners in all those tents. It’s also big enough. There were 6 of us and we all fit into one tent without any problem. There’s even space left for all our luggages. As you know, my husband is a very heavy packer and he’s the one in charge bringing all the protective stuff we might need to avoid risk of covid exposure.

I was also quite amazed by their staff who are so welcoming. They were very friendly and really helped us through our stay. They would explain their culture and livelihood, and they even explained the difference of some of the fishes in the menu which are not really common here in Davao City. And speaking of their menu, the food was great too! They are not overpriced. Well, technically, they are priced higher than most city restaurants but I think that’s okay since this is a very remote place. So you have to understand that too. 

The place is still on soft opening so if you’re wondering what to expect in Camp Bernardino de lavigan, I wouldn’t say much… yet. They still have ongoing works for additional tents and a separate area for day tour guests which is good. But right now I consider it as one of the best places to stay in Davao Oriental because of its untouched beauty. If you want to be closer to nature and experience hospitable staff, then book at now.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Keeping a Safe Vacation

Going on a vacation during a pandemic might not seem like a very good idea especially for protective parents or heads of the family. But that’s understandable because of course everyone’s safety is the top priority at the moment. But sometimes you’re torn because you don’t want your kids and family to miss out on all the chances to go on vacation. After all, you deserve a break after all the stress and the feeling of being suffocated during the ECQ stage. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want you to break rules here. But instead, we want you to still be able to go on vacation, only in the safest possible way.

First of all, you need to consider going on land trips instead of flying. Unlike before, our overseas vacation dreams are temporarily stopped because airports are really not a good idea right now. It’s like the main area where the virus is scattered and carried off to different places all over the world. So if you’re from Davao, you can just check out beach resorts near Davao and consider those for now.

Second, you need to secure all your travel documents. Get medical clearances first. Go to your family physician to make sure everyone in your family is fit to travel. You might be experiencing some kind of sickness now which is not really related to COVID, but it’s best to just stay home if you’re not that well. Even if it’s just a stomachache, or you have a bad migraine, just postpone your trip. Unless you’re all really healthy and in good physical condition.

Third, consider going to less crowded places. Governor Generoso’s new tourist destination, Camp Bernardino de Lavigan is known to be an isolated place perfect for families and friends to just chill and relax. Its spacious grounds are a safe space for your kids to run around. Although they need to wear masks, it’s still nice because you can be free from the closed rooms like they used to here in the City. You don’t need to worry where else to go from Davao, or where to go in Davao Oriental for a perfect and safe vacation, because this resort holds all the answers. Check out their website at to see all the activities they can offer.

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