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The ‘Most Wanted’ Vacation Destinations in Samal Island Davao

Malipano Island Pearl Farm 
Samal Island is one of the famous tourist vacation destinations in the Philippines right now. This is because of its accessibility –it’s just 15 minutes away from Davao City plus transportation to Samal is now available 24/7.

How to Get to Samal Island

There are two major islands in IGACOS (Island Garden City of Samal): the Talicud Island and the Main Samal Island. 

SAMAL: To get in the mainland Samal, you may ride via motor boat if you don’t have a personal vehicle or take the Barge (RoRo) at Sasa Wharf for you to bring your own vehicle.

TALICUD: There is only one way to get to Talicud Island –it’s by Motorboat only. You can catch this motor boat at Sta. Ana Wharf or commonly called as Magsaysay Port.  

If you’re looking for Philippines’ best beaches, I’m sure that Samal has few to be proud of. These are Samal’s famous and beautiful beach destinations:

Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm

For people who are looking for a relaxing place with a luxurious ambience, Pearl Farm is the resort for you.
Maxima Aquafun

Maxima Aqua Fun

If you are looking for pure water adventure, you may enjoy visiting Maxima Aqua Fun Resort. People visiting this place really enjoy the giant slide going straight to Samal’s deep blue waters. Don't worry of your safety because the resort secures the safety of its guests by providing life vests and round-the-clock lifeguards.

Canibad Beach Resort


This place is also called the secret paradise of Samal because you can experience and see the beauty of both Samal’s highland and water. This is for those who enjoy camping out along the shore. Canibad is not yet fully developed in terms of accommodation. If you want to visit Canibad, you need to bring your own food because there is no restaurant in the place yet. The place is very solemn and peaceful for those who want a venue for some soul searching.
Isla Reta Diving

Isla Reta Beach Resort

This place is the best destination for family and friend bonding because of the clean beach with clear blue water and the place full of trees in an island. If your dreaming of a place that you are stock in an island then this place is what you are looking for. A 1 hour and half travel from Davao City to the port of the Isla Reta is worth because you can witness how beautiful the Samal Island and also talicud Island.

Monfort Bat Sanctuary

Monfort Bat Sanctuary

Listed in Guinness Book of Record as the most hosted bat in a single place for over million bats, this place has also nice place to overnight and hangout with the bat. It’s just 20 minutes away from the barge. Located at Circumferential Rd, barangay Camudmud Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte.
Coral Garden Talicud

Coral Garden

Coral Garden Talicud Island

A beautiful spot for snokling and diving, observing the ecosystem under the sea. Watching the different kinds of Soft and hard Corals together with variety of oriental fish and aquarium fish. Coral garden is located in Barangay Linosutan Talicud island.

Hagimit Falls
Hagimit Falls and Nature Park

The famous falls in Samal is Hagimit. Hagimit is a tree, so this place is full of trees with different kind of falls that create green color pools. The place is also develop by the goverment and put hut and an overnight place. Spend time in nature in hagimit Falls and you can experience the most refreshing water. This can be found at Poblacion Peña Plata, 45 Minutes travel from the barge.

This are just view of the many resort in Samal that you need to discover. 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Beach Resorts in Dahican Mati, Davao Oriental

I Love Mati at Dahican Shore
One of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Mindanao may be experienced in Dahican, Mati, Davao Oriental. Dahican is one of the seaside barangays of Mati. This place is gifted with a long stretch of white beach sand, crystal clear water, turquoise horizon, and huge waves for those who like surfing and skim boarding.

The Government of Davao Oriental has started to develop the place as they recognized its potential of becoming the beach destination with a mix of Boracay and Siargao atmosphere. If you are looking for the best place to stay in Dahican, these are the following resorts I recommend:

Selfie at Dahican Beach

Botona Beach Resort

Botona Beach Resort is one of the first established resorts in Dahican. The place offers airconditioned rooms and has a restaurant for your convenience. You can find them at the end part of the white shores of Dahican.

If you want to check more about Botona Beach Resort just click the link

Go Pro Selfie at Dahican Beach

Dahican Surf Resort

Dahican Surf is also a nice place to stay because it’s in the heart of Dahican shoreline. The place is best for young people and young at heart. Their rooms provide a camping atmosphere. If you want to learn surfing or skim boarding, they also offer lessons for it. If you want to just chill out by the shore, they have tables underneath a big tree which gives you a great view of the ocean.

Amihan sa Dahican

Amihan sa Dahican is famous in holding surfing & skim boarding tournaments. It is also the most affordable place to stay in Dahican. They also give lessons for skim boarding and surfing.
You may contact Amihan sa Dahican at 0921 452 5027.

Kubo sa Dahican

Kubo sa Dahican is the place you need if you want some staycation. Aside from enjoying the waters of Dahican, they also have a swimming pool. Entrance fee of P50.00 includes free use of swimming pool and shower areas.

Day Cottages/Kiosks: P300.00

For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact the following numbers:

Mobile #: 09061552094          
International calls: +639061552094
Landline #: 087 3883 574

Dahican Mati

Menzi Beach Park and Campsite

Just this year, Menzi has opened its resort for the public. This is supported by the local tourism of Mati, Davao Oriental. Although people are allowed entry to enjoy the beach of Menzi, construction is still in progress. If you see recent pictures that have the “I LOVE MATI” sign, then that is at Menzi Beach Park and Campsite.

Dahican Mati
Dahican Mati

All of these resorts are along Dahican shoreline. What makes Dahican more beautiful is the fact that you can stroll and enjoy all these beautiful resorts because there is no fence or property perimeter near the shore area just like in Boracay –you can freely stroll at all stations/points.
Dahican Beach
Dahican Mati
Sleeping Dinosaur Mati Davao Oriental  
Dahican beach Mati

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First Sarangani Bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani Bay Festival is name as "The Biggest Beach Party in Mindanao"

This are the picture that I saw when I dig my folder. It amazed me that we are the first person who was there celebrating and witnessing the 1st SARBAY . 

Now I'm looking forward for the 4th sarbay festival this May 15, 2015.
Lets party at sarbay!

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

Sarangani bay Festival

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Epol Mountain Resort one of the hidden Tourist Destination in Davao City

When we are in Alice Log House we found out that there is a near beautiful falls that can be visited. So when the caretaker told us we don’t think twice we grab our extra cloths and go to epol falls. We walk about 500 meters from Alice log house then after we reach the entrance of epol mountain resort we continue walking about 800 meters from the highway to the falls.

The trek was wide and descending good for backpackers and adventure seeker. You need to pay 7 pesos for the first entrance and 7 pesos for the Epol mountain resort. You can rent a cottage for 30 pesos and for parking fee for 4 wheels you need to pay 30 pesos for motor cycle 20 pesos. Very much affordable! Bring your own food because there is no store available, for safety the place is very safe no bad guys, there is also guard to watch over you.

The walk from the main entrance to the falls will take 30 minutes or less depends on the speed of your walk and the slippery of the trail.  

Epol Mountain Resort is 75 kilometers from Davao City, almost 2 hours travel from down town. It is along the high way. The falls is very beautiful and refreshing. The water is cooled and can make your hot heal cool. J I really love the falls just enjoy the place because it’s very natural and organic.

See the picture to appreciate and hope I you can visit Epol water falls one of the hidden tourist spot of Davao City.

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