Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting the Best Boat Tours in SC

You may not be the outdoors type of person, but you have to admit, getting a breath of fresh air from the city is nothing short of refreshing. And you don’t have to worry. What we offer here is a means of having a slow good time and enjoyment. No, this is not extreme sports or anything adrenaline related. The boat tours we have are more family oriented or just simply hanging out.

Barrier Island Eco Tours sport really good boat tours to get you around Caper’s island. They have different wildlife that you can see and check out. Going through this marshy body of water proves to be an enjoyment to people.

Imagine seeing dolphins, pelicans, bald eagles, and all the wildlife that you can check out in this place. They’ll boat tour you around the place and you can just imagine the fresh natural air washing over your face. It’s not exactly a paradise like what resorts would offer but it’s something that you can do for the weekend to unwind and relax.

Capers Island Wildlife Exploration is offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9am – 12:30pm. They offer it year round. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, they offer it every Friday at 9am-12:30 too.

You can go to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins sure. But you can also check out the dolphins in this area with the boat tours that we have. We’ll let you see them, play with them, feed them. Bottle neck dolphins are common in the area so you don’t have to worry about running out.

If you want something else to do, we can encourage you to do a blue crabbing excursion with our boat tours. We’ll teach you how to catch crabs the old way. We’ll tell you how to clean them, cook and eat. All of this happens on the shoreline of the beach so you can just imagine what kind of a bonding experience it would be. You get to eat the freshest and the best seafood than the restaurants in the world know none of. We’ll get the captain bring you to his “hotspots” to catch fresh fish in the salt marsh. We’ll teach you how to reel in fish with just a light tackle.

Feel free to breeze away with our fleet on the different boat tours that we can offer you. We have the old fashioned forty seater, the Sayana 22 passenger covered pontoon, a California Skiff, and the Cut Mullet.
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