Monday, April 30, 2012

My May Dreavacation is Hagonoy Island Bislig City

April is over and I'm searching for my monthly vacation spot to be featured of the month. I read a lot of vacation places review and stumble with this place Hagonoy Island Bislig City.

Points of finding the right quality Vacation Place:

First is the budget, Im looking for a very affordable place but can give a very nice serenity and can get my stress out.

Second is the place is near at my current location. This is very important because with my current work, I don't want to spend my time traveling and then at the end of the vacation I just spend little time in the place. I love to spend my time on relaxing at the shore and dreaming for the next destination.

Third is the accessibility of the location. It really get into my brain how to get with the place in less time spent at traveling or in a very confusing route.

After the top 3 qualification I can say it is approve. The rest will be follow.. My Picture clip of Hagonoy Island Beach Resort. I want your Honest Additional Information: Boat Price Any Resort Time of travel from bislig city to Hagonoy island Where is the Boat Terminal And Additional Information Pictures of the Place:

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 Samal Summer Calendar

Samal Island Government and the city samal tourism  release the latest summer calendar of events that will be happening at the whole island to invite more tourist local and foreign.

Like Boracay Island at the visayas, mindanao summer beach capital that is the samal island also set the best summer event that can be enjoy by the people in the nearest city like davao city and tagum city.

All over the davao region samal is the best place to be at summer.

So you can view the calendar below and fell free to drop some comment and I will love to give a reply in with your lovely comments.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Enjoy The Relaxing Scenery of turkey vacation spot destination

Most those who embark on vacation desire to help save a good deal so that they never really break the bank and now have a snug nest egg after they return home. Low-cost journey has produced this specific possible. There are several less costly possibilities these days that one could quickly scale back on the actual investing with no necessarily impacting the quality of your holiday. Here are some ways precisely how:


In relation to its locations to stay, there are several alternatives that will help you save useful bucks. To start with, when you have a family member in your neighborhood, and then perform reap some benefits. This is simply not to convey that one could media their own hospitality by staying with them an entire week (in case they do not thoughts, that could be fine way too), just some days chucked off from resort keep would certainly help you save a minimum of $50 every night. If you are staying in expensive hotels, it's always recommended that you reserve as quickly as possible due to the fact accommodations usually offer wonderful savings in particular when it's not in their peak season. If you're not likely to be while using space an excessive amount of, then the straightforward 2-star resort will perform for your purpose. Instead of $100 areas, there are several truly low-cost accommodations in your neighborhood for less than $25. Right now there won't be too many comforts, nevertheless hi, we've been shooting for inexpensive Turkey Holidays below.

Air Transportation

If you will find the freedom associated with accommodating journey days, and then journey at a time if it is not necessarily the actual place's peak season. This will likely help you save significant airfare cash. Do check out there a good amount of the actual airlines' internet sites way too. They have an inclination to provide last-minute value reductions and give limited slot machines to a particular regions. At times getting connecting plane tickets as opposed to planning immediate will even save you at the same time. Assess the various prices just before the priced. There are several online sites that may help you. Regarding travelling when shooting for inexpensive Holiday Rentals, it's always a better replacement for drive for you to as opposed to soar to the place.


Although a lot of accommodations publicize free of charge breakfasts, do not let this specific deter you from using a low-cost resort which doesn't have breakfast time than the more expensive one which really does. The fact remains purchasing your own meals is more cost effective since you have the option of the to obtain. At times resort breakfasts, in addition to being much less welcome, is additionally quite lighting around the belly so that you may need to obtain added food in which was not prepared. Prior to your vacation, decide additionally when you may be eating at restaurants and when you may be purchasing food via food. Switching relating to the a couple of gives you inexpensive holidays without a doubt.

Vacation Packages

As a new misunderstanding, people say you can never accomplish inexpensive holidays when using packages. These are much more costly than arranging your own trip plus they group too many pointless things that deter you from obtaining inexpensive Turkey Holiday. Nevertheless this isn't truly the circumstance. In case you look for excellent packages for example people offered from our tourism place of work, you happen to be most likely to discover one which meets your requirements. Understand that packages usually occur low-cost way too when you find yourself making your reservation for within quantities. The greater people who are generally together with you around the trip, the actual more affordable it's going to be, filter systems program a vacation using good friends alongside? It's also possible to hunt for a good amount of online codes as well as savings that can significantly trim your investing a lot more.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Puerto Galera Beach Scandal

I read the latest news in Puerto Galera and found an article from abs-cbn.

Guess what???

Another SEX Scene that was happen last April 15,2012. A foreigner and his girl friend do SEX in front of the beach with 20 peoples surrounds them. My GOSHHHH, do they have no respect to the place and to their self?
Hope the local government of the Puerto Galera gives some penalty to this unlawful action of this both crazy people.
Respect the place and enjoy.
Puerto Galera is really included in a top vacation destination in the Philippines and we are hoping to preserve the beauty that mother earth gives us.

Below are the pictures come from a Bayan Patroller who walk and see the actual sex scene.


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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dreaming of Extreme 2012 Summer Adventure Vacation Activity

If you are not looking forward to your next vacation because of the dull nature of it; consider pepping it up a bit with some adventure. By taking an excursion of this sort you will have the pleasure of experiencing new and stimulating activities and sights. Because of the variety of adventurous vacations that are available; you need to check them out and decide on the one that sounds the most exciting. Below you will find some things to consider that may give you a better idea of some adventurous trips you may enjoy.

There are many different kinds of adventure travels and some adventures are more challenging than others. If you decide to put your name down for a journey that entails a lot of physical exertion, be sure that you and anyone going with you are very physically fit. There is a tremendous variance between watching an exhilarating event on TV versus seeing it in your mind's eye and actually going out and giving it a shot. Activities like riding a bike all day long, mountain climbing at high altitudes and many other things require above average fitness. If you are uncertain, make an appointment with your doctor. You might want to start your workout regimens now if you are not in the most excellent shape and take your trip.

Rock climbing is a well liked sport and has gained popularity in the last few years. If your true love is rock climbing you will be happy to know that it is offered in a variety of places regardless of your level of expertise. If you are looking at staying in the United States for a rock climbing expedition, you may want to think about Colorado as an option because of the great mountains there. Countries like Asia, Canada and Europe offer a wide variety of sports including that of rock climbing. You would be wise to find the trip offer that is intended for those in your division of expertise. The experience will be laid out for you and they will let you know what kind of things you will for the outing.

When you take on a rock climbing expedition, make sure you have a veteran rock climbing guide in order to have a safe encounter.

Many people are discovering the rewards of volunteering in the places they visit. This is sometimes called volun-tourism, where you not only see a new place but also get involved in local communities and help out. You can find these opportunities in areas from South America to Asia, and the type of projects you'll be working on varies. If this sounds interesting to you, you may want to investigate further and find out what's available and where your services might be needed right now. Whole families can benefit from volun-tourism, and it can be a great educational experience for children as well as adults.

The above adventure travel ideas are only some of the many possibilities for taking a trip that's out of the ordinary. It's up to you to decide on the most exciting destination and activity you can think of. Adventure travel allows you to experience travel the way it's meant to be experienced -as something different and exciting.

This Blog is open for any communication. Please Drop your comment and I can answer your question.

Happy Summer Every Body!
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot Sexy Kristine Reyes at Boracay on a Summer Vacation

Boracay Island a heaven paradise in earth is really capturing the dream vacation of every person including the famous and sexy ladies of the Philippines Movie Industry. Like Anne Curtis and Kristine Reyes. This two ladies really break the jaws of the Male Kingdom. The sexy body and the angelic face really make them famous not only to male but also with the girls.

The combination of Boracay Island and Kristine Reyes is an apple of the eye..

See below some photos from Kristine Reyes Sexy Vacation.

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Glan Sarangani Province Beach Resort List

A Montana Resort- Isla Parilla

Ladol, Alabel Sarangani Province

Air condition Rooms, Restaurant, Fishing & Boating, Swimming Pool, Billiards, Karaoke, Function Rooms. Breakfast for two included in room rates.

Lemlunay Dive Resort

Location: Tinto, Maasim Sarangani Province

Air conditioned Rooms, Restaurant, Discover Scuba classes and certification, scuba diving

Brod Louie Resort

Location: Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province

Air conditioned rooms,  Open day cots, function room,  kayaking,

Davak Beach Resort

Location: Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province

Open day cots and 4 closed airconditioned cottages.

White Haven Beach Resort

Location: Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province

Family air conditioned rooms,  Open day cots, row boat rental

Rosal Beach Resort

Location: Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province

Air conditioned rooms, Open day cots, beach volleyball, children’s play ground, skim board rental

Coco Beach Resort

Location: Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province

Air conditioned rooms & Open day cots

Isla Jardin Del Mar Resort

Location: Gumasa, Glan Sarangani Province

Air conditioned cottages and Fan Cottages, Conference Hall, Restaurant
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to make your road trip memorable

With mounting expenses and progressively more invasive protection, air vacation has dropped loads of its attractiveness. You'll be able to steer clear of these hassles by using a road journey. This post can help you program and revel in a memorable auto journey.

The initial action should be to determine exactly where you're going. This can both be a big journey or simply a pay a visit to into a distant friend or loved one. For anyone who is unsure, continue to keep in mind how distant a possible vacation spot is, how far you'd drive everyday, and the way significantly time you've got. For anyone who is to the East Coastline and only use a week, a visit to California most likely is not feasible.

At the time you understand exactly where you're going, program your route. Make a decision if you need to require highways or backroads. For anyone who is a member, pay a visit to AAA. They'll supply you with books regarding the areas you'll go through and in many cases a booklet of customized maps only for your Has our discussion sparked any new ideas about what you can do in your web business? Very many online businesses and marketers have found real estate broker class to be useful; yet we know there are many who cannot or will not use it for some reason. We suppose there may be things like time constraints that could make it difficult to do more with their online businesses. Very many online businesses are extremely serious, and therefore they will always be interested in adding new revenue streams.

These methods are all about taking your promotions to new, different and greater levels. In the end, a long time from now, just be sure you do not look back and wish you would have considered more options. journey. When serious about your route, think of the locations alongside the way in which to assist you program which solution to go.

Ahead of leaving, make sure your car's in excellent form. Get an oil improve, especially if you happen to be arranging to have a accurate cross region journey. An oil improve can even reveal if there are another problems that ought to be looked at earlier than you set off.

Aspect of your pleasurable of a road journey is always that you can find out any time you need to. Strategy stops all through the day. For museums together with other attractions, continue to keep opening and closing several hours in mind. Based on when you're driving by, there may be some things you is not going to have the option to find out. Scheduling stops will help you intend your route and split up your driving day. Permit a good amount of time for you to achieve your vacation spot and revel in it. A leisurely speed with scheduled stops provides you with anything to sit up for as you drive and will benefit from traveling by auto.

A route and scheduled stops can help you get exactly where you're going, but will not be afraid to halt for those who see anything remarkable! A sign for the roadside attraction or an impulse end helps you to really enjoy the road journey working experience. You'll reach see and do things you could by no means do for those who flew by airplane, and you'll have the option to discover things which you did not even know had been on the market.

For resorts, you can both guide issues upfront or search for an area to remain on your own way. Chances are you'll come across far better promotions for those who guide ahead, but you'll quit some flexibility. For anyone who is trying to find resorts as you go, you could sometimes have problem discovering a home. In the event you truly feel far too exhausted to drive, permit another person require the wheel. Don't snooze in your auto to save cash. For anyone who is traveling alone, have a quick break at a relaxation area till you are feeling ready to drive to the upcoming resort, but will not consider to devote the night time there. Sleeping in your auto is not harmless and in a few locations it could get you a ticket.

It truly is essential to have pleasurable and check out new issues, but remember to continue to be harmless. In case you have any doubts, will not end at a roadside attraction or continue to be at a motel that appears to be slightly off. Your journey is going to be significantly far more pleasurable for those who have confidence in your gut and continue to be spontaneous devoid of using odds.

Taking a road journey can be quite a fantastic working experience. You'll save money, see new issues, and be in comprehensive charge of your speed. Now that you've got read this particular article, you happen to be ready to set out to the road!

There is a lot more that is critical to your understanding about asthma diagnosis children, and that is what we are about to serve up to you, right away. But by no means think this is all there is, quite the opposite we do have to admit. But, in justness, we will tell you that it is easy to make critical mistakes if you do not have the complete informaton.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mazarron my April Dream Vacation Place

Mazarron is probably the best parts of Spain if not in the whole world. It features lovely shorelines, is great for a vacation and has rentals with affordable rates. However it's the beaches that men and women come for. In case you plan a trip to Mazarron make sure you take full advantage of your stay in this place. This particular post provides a summary of the perfect beach locations and activities within the Mazarron area.

Mazarron Bay

The particular Mazarron Bay is certainly a winner. Anyone can dive, snorkel, wind surfing plus enjoy a great deal of pleasure in very safe and secure waters. The actual water is relatively shallow close to shore, and so suitable for little ones, water temperature is excellent, and also experienced lifeguards are always on call should an accident happen. Certainly really worth a visit to check it out. With retailers as well as services almost all near by it is possible to spend your time an entire morning and afternoon at the beach.

Mar Menor

Mar Menor is Europe's major salt-water lagoon. Undoubtedly really worth a visit. One day at this lagoon is going to be fun for you personally as well as your whole family members.

Cave diving While not really particularly at one particular site, cavern snorkeling is incredibly common in the area of the amazing Mazarron. Simply because of this bumpy coast, and its relatively undeveloped natural environment, you will find a array of caverns which can be explored in the community. Though it is a pleasurable activity it's best to go along with a guide if you are an inexperienced diver.

Food Mazarron is known for their seafoods food. If perhaps you like excellent fresh seafoods then you definitely will not be disappointed. Some of the dishes such as oven-roasted Mazarron sea bass is known across the world.

Mazarron signifies an awesome vacation location if you're searching for a stunning place which is not over-populated. You will see great shorelines, lovely apartments along the beaches of Puerto de Mazarron, very good food and a range of other pursuits to keep you and your folks amused for the entire time of your trip. If you are into journey touring than the opportunity for cave-diving will definitely fit this desire. And here is to you having a great time on your holiday getaway.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Sarangani Bay Festival

My summer dream vacation will not end if i will not be a part of sarangani bay festival. This will be held at glan, sarangani. Where Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is the Congressman of the province. Glan Sarangani Province white beach resorts are hosting the events and the date will be May 18 to 19 2012.

Schedule will be as follow:

may 18

Swim Across the Bay
Sarangani Run
Beach Dance Marathon
Sarangani Swim Challenge
Sand Sculpture
Coastal Clean Up
Sarangani Hataw sa Tag-araw
Bay Fair/Health and Weelness
Mangrove Planting
Artifical Reef Deployment
Beach Valleyball
Beach Football
Skim Boarding Clinic
Bay Bodies
Pinta sa Baybayon
Fire Dancing Exhibition
Summer Party at the Bay

May 19

Beach Dance Marathon
Coastal Clean Up
Beach Valleyball
Beach Football
Skim Boarding Clinic
Zamba Party
Concert at the Bay and Splash in the Sky
All Night Beach Party

Changes on the event will be announce on the date.

If you have questions you may do comment on this blog.
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Dream Vacation Place Tunisia hotels

There are no shortage of temples and ruins to visit in Malta, and there's plenty of World Heritage sites in Tunisia. Some of the highlights of Tunisia are Kairouan, Medina of Sousse, and Dougga/Thugga. Be sure to book accommodation before you go, as there are plenty of Tunisia hotels available.

There's plenty to do in Tunisia, such as a trip to the well-known site of Carthage. The site of Carthage was founded in 814 BC and was the hub of trading throughout the Mediterranean. Romans decimated Carthage in 146 BC and built their own new civilisation over the remains of the old one. The Amphitheatre of El Jem is another must-see; they are beautiful ruins of the 3rd century amphitheatre, superbly showcasing the power of Imperial Rome.

Ichekul National Park is a World Heritage Site, and consists of Lake Ichkeul and Jebel Ichkeul mountains. Many birds migrate over here from Europe during the colder months, including geese, storks, and flamingos. You may even spot a mongoose, jackal, water buffalo, or porcupine on one of the park's many hiking trails. The remains of the Punic Town of Kerkouane and its Necropolis are also well worth a visit and are relatively fascinating, if for no other reason than they shed a light on surprisingly advanced notions of town planning. There are also lots of excellent all inclusive hotels in the area, which offer an excellent option after a long day of sightseeing.

If you're interested in religion, Tas Silq might be an interesting trip for you. Its last known use was as an Arab mosque back in the 9th century. Before being used as a place of worship for the goddess of fertility, it was a temple for goddesses in the megalithic phase. It was also used by the Romans to worship the goddess of Juno, before this it was used as a shrine of Astarte-Tanit by the neo-Punic natives. Consider a trip to one of these sites from your local Malta hotels.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holiday in France via custom designed vacation homes

Whilst visiting France, there are many pet pleasant Dordogne vacation homes that you'll be able to stay in. The other areas in France be offering a wide range of price, property measurement, quality and standard.
The first aspect to take into account that if you end up on the lookout for a pet pleasant Dordogne vacation house is that the French name vacation homes as 'gites'. This word is utilized by the French while promoting properties. Right here you'll be able to find many Dordogne 4 bedroom holiday accommodation.
You can check out the Gites de France. This supplier used to be established long ago so that it could actually make an inventory of the vacation homes in France. The property indexed here is given ratings according to facilities presented like air con, oven etc.
Those rating to do not seek advice from the wonderful thing about the valuables as a whole. Alternatively, the membership to the Gites de France is relatively expensive and so the valuables owners choose to use others structures for advertisement. And so you'll be able to additionally discuss with other websites to search for Dordogne 4 bedroom holiday accommodation.

You can get many advertisements on Dordogne 4 bedroom holiday accommodation on line. But you need to needless to say there are many on-line scams that you need to watch out. As an explanation of its authenticity, it's essential that you'll be able to name the landlord of the Dordogne 4 bedroom holiday accommodation.

You can get Holiday In France in the small boutique kind property list. Those websites emphasize on giving personalized effect from the owners so that other folks may realize what to anticipate from the property. The listings of homes on those websites principally focal point on specialties like pet pleasant, upmarket, child pleasant, non-public swimming pool, distinctive and so on. Therefore you'll be able to discuss with such websites all through your search for a Dordogne 4 bedroom holiday accommodation. Remember that to test its authenticity. Those custom designed vacation homes may price you more than the usual vacation property in France. And so you will have to sparsely study the advantages and disadvantages of such property homes.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Which Company Should You Choose to Vacation Dream Cruise Danube River Places?

When planning a European river vacation cruise it is easy to become overwhelmed by the actual sheer number associated with cruise lines and firms and it can become difficult to determine which one is best for your needs and your trips. Many world travelers plan to cruise Danube water locations each year and the quantity of ship firms available features tripled in the past few years. Here is a report on some of the most common river cruise lines and what can be expected from each while aboard.

A&K Luxury Danube River cruises:
Founded inside 1962, Abercrombie along with Kent is one of the leading brands in the competitive cruise business. Originally created in Nairobi, South africa as a chrome tour firm A&K have been directing travelers via exciting activities from the beginning. If you choose to vacation cruise Danube river places with A&K you'll be able to plan on the most effective accommodations, carefully guided tours along with cuisine on any water cruise ship.

AMA Rivers
To vacation cruise Danube river places with AMA is always to know accurate comfort and service. The boats used by this kind of prestigious vacation cruise company are immaculate and provide each and every guests the convenience associated with on board facilities such as a 24/7 fitness center, world renown masseuses and a breathtaking lounge that features a panoramic view of the ever-changing panorama. Though the crews employed upon AMA ships are from all over the world, the actual cruises are specifically made to appeal English conversing visitors.

Collette Luxurious Danube River cruises:
What models Collette Deluxe cruises apart from various other cruise companies is impeccable focus on detail. Collette Luxurious chooses only centrally located motels in each city and so they make sure that just about all accommodations are an example of architecture and style of every unique spot. Collette Deluxe now offers guests the chance to experience local entertainment, informative tours and even culturally inspired dinning experiences, all of which will definitely help in creating lifelong reminiscences.

Scenic Tours Deluxe European River cruises:
To vacation cruise Danube river places with Panoramic Tours is always to truly knowledge adventure in addition to comfort. Several "Space Ships" operated simply by Scenic Tours are longer, wider and thus more large than other river cruise lines. Their unique luxury cabins offer you every guests their own personal balcony and private butler services. Scenic Tours Deluxe European river cruises are the only way to knowledge and vacation cruise Danube river places.

Ava Garc­a is a seasoned analyst in over 14 yrs & have been creating expert improvements with royal caribbean cruise lines in part of her involvement with Creative Minds Group ,a new innovative team for creative persons. Find out about her lastminute cruises website to find out about her 3 day cruises ideas over the years.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

No. 1 Dream Holiday Vacation Spot in Spain

Cheap holidays are supposed to leave you feeling relaxed and recovered so rather than dwelling on what could or indeed, has gone wrong, focus on dealing with the situations and preventing them wherever possible. Make a list of the obstacles that might appear on your path to Costa Dorada Holiday sand then do your best to sidestep them.

If you've just booked cheap holidays then the first thing to check is whether your travel insurance is valid. .

Double and triple check the expiry date of your passport as nothing could be worse than arriving at the check in desk expecting to go on cheap holidays to Spain only to find that your passport has expired.

Preparation is one way to ensure that you can really make the most of cheap holidays, however try as we might we cannot always predict every possible catastrophe. Just let your hotel know that you're running a bit late, and they should be able to sort out all your transfer stuff for you.

If you are unlucky enough to have your luggage lost then don't panic; you are sure to be able to buy everything you need quickly and easily and if you keep the receipts you should even be able to claim all your costs back on your return.

So once you've booked your holidays, it pays to do a bit of planning beforehand. Prepare for the unexpected and most importantly, don't allow it to ruin your trip.
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How to make your dream vacation happy and successful

Whenever you are touring alone or with other folks, it is very significant that you are as reliable as you can. As soon as you arrive at your resort, usually do not suppose that you and/or your belongings are instantly reliable. Go through the following post to provide you with some recommendations on tips on how to guarantee basic safety whilst remaining in a resort.

All people understands that it is very significant to lock your resort home doorway if you are leaving your resort home, but quite a few fall short to understand how significant it really is so that you can retain the doorway locked if you are on the inside. If there exists a deadbolt or maybe a chain lock on the doorway you must retain that protected too.

Whenever you are walking down the hall on the option to your home you will need to help make confident that you have your critical with your hand. You don't would like to wait till you are instantly before your resort home previously looking to research in your critical. That's among the methods that lots of persons get robbed whilst they are traveling to hotels.

Whenever you are leaving a resort home for your time frame you must be sure that you usually do not leave any valuables laying approximately. It is best to consider to acquire almost all of your valuables along with you, however, if that is certainly not a practical decision you'll be able to acquire your valuables and leave them during the reliable at your resort. Leaving them in the front desk to be kept during the reliable will retain them safer than when you utilize the one which is with your home.

If you're not anticipating anyone you must hardly ever open up the doorway of the resort home. In the event there exists an unforeseen knock you must inquire who it really is and what they want. It is best to consider to deal with what ever it really is without opening the doorway anytime.

If you fulfill anyone inside or outside of the resort you shouldn't provide them with your home range in the least. When it might seem like they are harmless and helpful, you hardly ever understand what their intentions are so you really should be more cautious.

If you're touring alone and also you experience like anyone might be an unsavory character you must avoid obtaining during the elevator with them. It is possible to normally wait till another one particular will come and obtain on it. You're significantly improved off getting reliable fairly than taking needless odds.

If you're leaving your home near the drapes in case you are in one of these hotels the place your home is on the ground stage and/or can be appeared in by other folks. You don't want anyone to determine that which you have with your home and attempt to interrupt in while you are gone.

The basic tips that are outlined below really should go an extended way in helping you stay reliable whilst remaining in a resort. Usually stay mindful of the surroundings and if some thing feels wrong then go with your first intuition.

Perhaps right now you are reeling with the thought that there is more to learn and even more that we did not cover. All right, you have just read about these three approaches used with pharmacist requirements, but get ready because there is so much that was left out. Most of the time, you will have already heard at least something about the method under discussion, but you know there is more to the story.

There is a balance that must always be struck, especially when just getting started in this business, and that balance involves seeking knowledge and taking action on what you learn.

Yes, if this applies to you, then you just have to make the decision that you will put the books down and then make a plan and execute it. Start thinking in terms of activities that help you earn or generate profits.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Party Boat at Samal Island

Looking for a new sight of night party? Why not try the latest floating restaurant at samal island. This Party boat is called the Venue party boat. You can party all day and all night with this festive cruise. It’s not just a simple party but they offer a lot of occasion like experiencing Bridal affair at the middle of the sea. They have also Lunch and Dinner at the sea. The best thing is when you need privacy they can closed the boat just for you a chartered cruise will be a great title for this event.

A lot of menu is at choice. Food is not a problem in the middle of your happenings.

Once you experience this kind of extravagant event you will never forget the experience of party at the boat.
Saturday is the best day to party because the Venue is catering the best PARTY in the SEA. For mor information you can contact ticket booth at SM City Davao near supermarket or call and text 082-227-5055/09189354278. Limited ticket will be issued so don’t waste your time book now and have the party ticket.

Other Details:

Ticket Cost : Php500.00 including dinner
Party Starts at 8:00 p.m. –and ends at 11:00 p.m.
Bring a lot of friends to make your night more fun.
You can see this powerful party boat in front of camp holiday resort samal island, just ride of ferryboat.

Come Aboard, Cruise and Party with the Venue.

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