Sunday, May 27, 2012

Davak Ridge Beach Resort Gumasa Sarangani

Davak Ridge Beach Resort

A very not eyed resort in gumasa sarangani province that is Davak Ridge Beach Resort but full of mystic and amazing serenity. I was looking for a place that is not croweded and very stress free resort and then I recognized the resort that is near the white haven beach resort and rosal beach resort. I been to rosal beach resort, coco beach resort and white haven beach resort all this three sarangani resort is really cool but I need to have a new eye environment then I go to davak ridge beach resort.

The Resort is really beautiful and they also have great service and a very much secured place. They have great canteen if you need to eat you can order the best sea food. Below are the details of the resort. You my also click the links that can give you some beach option in sarangani.


1.)No littering / vandalism
2.)Proper waste disposal


Open Cottage
14- Cottages Available
Rate:Php 300.00

Check-In day use (7:00 am - 6:00 pm)

Entrance Fee :


Php 25.00 / head


Php 15.00 / head

Check -In time (1:00 pm - 1:00 pm following day)
Entrance Fee :


Php 35.00


Php 15.00

Close / Aircon Cottages (free entrance fee for 4 persons)

Close Cottage w/out TV & Ref.

Close Cottage w/ TV & Ref.

Close Cottages good for only 4 persons
Additional person will be charge w/ bed

Check - In time (3:00 pm - 1:00 pm following day)


4 chairs, table w/ umbrella
Php 100.00

Php  10.00
Php  50.00

Php  40.00

Tent small good for 2 persons

Tent big good for 4 persons
Php 200.00

Corkage for Tent

Php 50.00

Php 100.00

Long beach of sarangani

davak ridge beach resort

sarangani beach line

gumasa sarangani beach resort

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chris said...

pano magpa book dito??? may contact number poh ba sila?

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