Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Talicud Island Samal Davao City

beach in talicud island davao city

Talicud Beach Island Garden City of Samal, Davao City is known as one of the top beaches in the Philippines. The virginity of this talikod Island is really kept for long because you need to have more patient to be in this green beauty island.

There are beach resort in this place but they are not just develop as in the main island Samal. In this way this place was really perfect getaways for stress relieve.
Why the island called talikod island? It is because it was in behind  or in the back of the main island Samal Davao City. Talicud island is an islet that belongs to the samal group of island. In Samal Island you can find 13 beautiful Islet and Talikod is one of the best islet that can be livable. There are small community in talikod island all of them are fisher men.

How to get to talicud island Davao City

So many questions on how to go to this topnotch beach, there is only one public way you can be in talikod island. You can ride the ferry boat that is in sta. ana Warf. The fare to talikod island is just 60 Pesos. A 45 minutes water travel and sometimes you can see a dolphin that will be following your boat or leading your boat. There are 3 public ferry boat that is sailing to talikod island samal. The first trip is 1:00 pm, second trip is 3:00 pm and the last trip is 5:00 pm.
So gather your bags and gear up to take a beach adventure in talicud island Samal.
The best thing to do in Talicud Island to to enjoy the beach and stand your tent to have some camping beach adventure. A perfect beach spot for vacation and with a cheap budget for beach party is very Okey with Low budget people. Enjoy the talicud and love the place.
talicud island beach

talikod island igacos, dayang beach resort

dayang beach resort cottage talikod island

fire dance at talicud island beach

dayang beach resort talikod island

santa ana warf go to talikud island

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