Sunday, June 24, 2012

VistaView Resto Hill Top Davao City

Vistaview Resto

Food Review on VistaView Resto Hill Top Davao City

Looking and discovering delicious foods is never ending story for everybody. We love to eat for fun or just to tastes and discover a new brand of food.

Have you ever pass in Davao City Diversion Road specifically in Maa diversion road? Hmmm.. If i say Hill Top Maa? I think you can recognize this place? Late 90's dencios hill top was build and cater different kind of people but presently if you pass by the diversion road you can look up the mountain and say Ohhhh the place was rejuvenated. Bright Light was being put up so that every people pass the area can recognized that hey there is still life in Hill Top Davao.

These new marketing actions of hill top catch my attention. I who loves to discover ne things was hook by this strategy. Together with my partner decision to eat at Hill Top and also discover the place is there is new to update our food trip directory.

Automatically we reach the place and Wow we discover new thing that hill top change the name, not it is the VistaView Resto. So we go inside and tour around to pick what is the best spot of our table to see Davao city at night while enjoying the food of VistaView Resto.

We order Bulalo and my favorite kinilaw and shake with soda. The waiter told us to wait for 15 minutes to serve our order but in less than 15 minutes they serve us.
Delicious Kinilaw VistaView Resto

So first thing we tasted the Bulalo Soup and it was WWWWWWOOOOOWWWWW. This is the best Bulalo I ever tasted. I was so sweat and full of tasted. I love yummy tasted of it and the next one is the kinilaw. I say I have a standard of kinilaw so tasting this beautiful kinilaw presentation never failed my standard. The food of VistaView Resto together with the overlooking view of davao really complete my night. It's not just the food but they serve cheap delicious quality food in davao city. You can’t imagine that this cool place is one of the affordable restaurants in Davao City.

Totally a new different Hill Top Restaurant.

VistaView Resto Food
Davao Overlooking

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