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Banana Beach Resort, Tagum City

Tagum City is one of the best city in Mindanao, it is clean and peaceful. The government of Tagum also active in promoting their own tourism spot. One of this new beach resorts that Tagum city have is the 5 star resorts in Madaum Tagum city. It is not white beach but definitely the quality of fun and activity that you can get in this resort is comparable to any best beach destination in the Philippines. This beach resort is called Banana Beach Resort.

Banana Beach Resort Activity:
Open Cottage of Banana Beach Resort
 River Tour: Take a cruise on the Madaum River and get a glimpse of the different tribes in Davao del Norte, as birds serenade you through a stretch of rich mangroves surrounding the river. Enjoy a unique Davao vacation!
 Forest Tour: Nature trips are best enjoyed at the Banana Beach. Bask in the beauty of Hijo’s private Forest as you take a leisurely walk on the hanging bridges and observe packs of Philippine macaques (monkeys) roaming the area.
Orchard Garden
 Orchard Tour: Pick a variety of in season fruits at the Orchard like Durian, Mangosteen, Lanzones, Pomelo, and Rambutan. A unique escape that can only be found in Banana Beach, a unique Davao Resort.
 Plantation Tour: Enrich your mind as you learn the artistry of growing bananas and harvesting coconuts at the plantation. Learn and understand the research and meticulous process behind each Hijo’s Twin Rivers product.
 Twilight Safari Tour: Excite your senses as you explore Hijo’s forest at twilight, in search for wild boars at their natural habitat. A tour that is only available in an exciting Davao Beach Resort, the Banana Beach.
 Trading Post Tour: Purchase newly-harvested bananas (lacatan and latundan) and other local fruits that are in season. Hijo’s Twin Rivers products (Coco Sugar, Coco Syrup, and Calamansi PureĆ©) are also available here.
 Banana Beach Resort Room Rates:
Caritas Room

Native-inspired, non-air conditioned accommodations for day use or overnight stay.
No. of Persons  Weekday Rate  Weekend Rate
Single (2)             2-4          PhP 2,800            PhP 3,500
Family (7)            4-6          PhP 3,800            PhP 4,500

Air-Conditioned Casitas
Cabin-style, air conditioned accommodations for overnight stay.
No. of Units        No. of Persons  Weekday Rate  Weekend Rate
6                              2-4                          PhP 5,000            PhP 6,000
*Additional guest(s) is charged PhP 700/person.

Family Tea House
Open-air pavilions for day use
No. of Persons  Rates     Inclusions
Small (7)               4-8          PhP 1,200/unit  Iced tea for 4
Big (2)   8-16       PhP 2,500/unit  Iced tea for 8

The Spot
Things to Do at Banana Beach Resort:

Banana Beach Water Activities

Banana Boat
Paddle Board

Banana Beach Fun and Games

Beach Volleyball
Ultimate Frisbee
Horseback Riding
Children’s Playground

Banana Beach Restaurant and Bar
Sunken Bar of Banana Beach resort

Savor the rich taste of local dishes to excite your palate and take you on a flavorful journey.

Banana Beach Swimming Pool

Features a sunken bar where you can enjoy a cool tropical drink while fully submerged in purified clear waters.
Banana Beach Basic Passport P750
Valid for one (1) whole day.
Unlimited use of infinity pool.
Fully consumable on food and drinks, activities, equipment and other facilities rental.

Find your spot at The Spot

Fishing Hut Rentals P1,200/day
Inclusive of two (2) Fishing Rods
Charge/kilo* for fish caught:
Bangus P280/kilo
Talakitok P280/kilo
*inclusive of cooking charges

Banana Beach Resort
Hijo Plantation
Brgy. Madaum, Tagum City
Davao del Norte

Tel (084) 400-3358

Mobile Phone:
Give us a call
+63 917 637 8438
+63 917 633 7000
+63 917 633 7019
+63 999 885 1855             
+63 999 885 1856             
+63 82 282 3662
+63 82 282 3757


Kian Ricks said...

A very nice place and beautiful beach resort, i really like the ambiance. Thanks for the shares!

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Kurt Damada said...

Boracay also is the best island for vacation..Love the place!

Marky said...

Because of beaches like this, philippine beach resorts have been widely known to the world now.

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