Monday, November 26, 2012

Olaer Spring Resort: Revitalize your Childhood

Remember your childhood days? Remember where you dive in a pool and swim like frogs? So many to tell but this place where almost all the people of General Santos Philippines start there swimming career.  Sounds funny but I read lots of comments and reviews on this resort that they just go to this place to dive and get wet with a cold flowing swimming pool this place is a Historic vacation place in GenSan. The name of this historic place is Olaer Sping Resort, I also read that Gerald Anderson a famous Actor that grow in Gensan also learn his swimming lesson in this resort. 
Olaer Spring Resort is founded early 1980 and they continuously develop the place but they don’t lost the very main attraction of the resort the natural water that come from the mountains of South Cotabato.
Olaer Spring Resort is located in Barangay Apopong a 15 minutes away from the city. You can ride a motorcycle to reach the resort. Tricycle drivers know this place no problem if you are a new comer from Gensan.  Olaer Spring Resort is one of the affordable resorts in GenSan. A perfect place to have weekend relaxation or family gathering. You can also stay overnight in this resort. So if you want to have peaceful vacation then you can go to Olaer Spring Resort. By the way the perfect time to be go this place is around 6 am to 10 am because you will be the first person to swim in a crystal clear swimming pool with no noise at all. Lunch time till Night is a party time. Enjoy the place!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

First Best Outdoor Park in Davao Region: Camp Sabros

Outdoor Adventure can come up with different meaning to us but for people who looks for thrill and excitement there is one place for you in Kapatagan Davao del Sur. This place is also called as the summer capital of the south because of its cool place, I mean cool because its super cold. This place is 3,980 above sea level so expect the cold fresh wind of the Kapatagan  Mountain. You can also view the beautiful highest peak in the Philippines the gorgeous Mt. Apo. The place that all people want to experience the thrill of nature is called Camp Sabros.
Cable Lift Sabros
Camp Sabros is the first adventure park that introduce the zip line in the Philippines this was open last December 25, 2007 by Edwin and Pando Sacdalan, they have 380, 400 and 820 meter zip lines at 180 feet above the green forest of pine trees. They offer packages for who wants to visits the place.

820 meters ZipLine Camp Sabros

Day Tour Packages

Package A - PhP 300/ person
Tandem ride on 380m zipline and cable lift
Breakfast or Lunch

Package B - PhP 670/ person
Tandem ride on the 380 meters and solo ride on the 400 meters ziplines
Cable lift and solo ride on the 820 meters zipline
Breakfast or Lunch
What to wear and things to bring:

Wear attire that is suitable for cold weather as it is generally cold and windy even during the day.  This will be waterproof water.

Closed Shoes for hiking and to avoid the slippery terrain of the place. Avoid heels because it will not help you.
Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellents to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes or insects.

About the foods Camp Sabros canteen is very open to visitors they serve Grilled Pork Chop with Rice, Grilled Liempo with Rice, Fried Chicken with Rice for lunch or dinner and eggs corned beef, bacon for breakfast.

Tips on how to get to Camp Sabros:
Camp Sabros is located in Sitio Barras, Brgy. Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur. From Davao City if you’re in private Vehicle it will just take you 2 hours to get at the camp. But the best suitable vehicle is a 4 wheel vehicle drive because of its slippery road when better be prepared. In other way around if your commuting, you can go to Ecoland terminal and ride a bus going to Digos. After you reach Digos terminal you can go to a van or a jeep that can take you in the camp. Just ask the terminal people where the proper jeep to ride going to Camp Sabros is.

Contact Information of Camp Sabros:

St. Dominic Savio Business and Technical College, Inc.
Door 2 Suarez Bldg, 112 Ilustre St., Davao City

For more inquiries and/or clarifications please contact us at:

082 2840579 [PLDT]
082 3018056 [Bayantel]
082 3054237 [telefax]
09088933498 [smart]


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Friday, November 9, 2012

Magnaga Waters Beach Resorts , Pantukan Comval

Magnaga Waters Beach Resort, Pantukan Comval

Magnaga Waters Beach Resorts

Compostella Valley is known to its gold industry and farm products but Comval Province has clean and lovely beach resort that you can hang on along with your family and friends. Comvalenos always goes to Pantukan to Mabini to enjoy the beach. Beach in COmval is really affordable and has a quality facilities and services.
Magnaga Waters beach Resort is one of the best affordable beaches in Comval Province. This resort is also catering beach wedding they have great deals and packages. The Place also good for team building and other outdoor fun because of its 12.5 hectare land. They have 24 hours security guard so your valuable things are pretty much secure. They have wide parking space so you don’t worry about it. A clean and sweet aroma of their close cottage is a heaven to sleep and you will be very comfortable with their rooms. Below are the important things you know about this beach resort.
Magnaga Waters Beach Resort

Magnaga Waters Beach Resorts Cottages and Rates

Sunset Cottage (per table) - P150.00
Coco Park Cottage - P350.00
Seaside Cottage - P750.00
Beach Cabana - P1200.00
Tree House (above) - 500.00, (below) - 300.00
Santan & Rosal - 600.00
Table and chairs - 100.00
Magnaga Beach Resorts, Pantukan

Magnaga Waters Beach Resorts Entrance Fees
Adult - P10.00
Children below 12 years old - 5.00
Overnight - 30.00

Amenities and Activates

Cottage with open grill areas
Tree House
Open Areas
a "nook" in the middle of the sea built 25 feet above sea water
Camping Grounds
Conference rooms
Isabelle Restaurant
Souvenir Shop
Obstacle Course
Pump boat rides
Fishing grounds
Basketball and Volleyball courts

Address: Magnaga Waters Beach Resort is located in Barangay Magnaga, Pantukan, Compostela Valley.
Name: Magnaga Waters Booking Office
Phone: (084) 2181216 / Fax No. (084) 3701986 / Mobile No. (0917) 7191956
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