Friday, December 21, 2012

Travel Insurance for Overseas Trip – Enumerating the Reasons Why It Is Necessary

People love to travel. However, travelling doesn’t mean that there won’t be unexpected things to happen on the road or on your flight. This is indeed frustrating, especially if you happen to travel abroad. We cannot deny the presence of the probability that you might encounter thieves, scams and just any other dangers lurking everywhere, especially on a place you are not familiar with. Because of this fact, the necessity to have travel insurance is very prominent. Below are the detailed reasons on why you need to have insurance while you are travelling abroad.

Medical Issues
Having a travel insurance that covers medical expenses incurred overseas is very crucial, especially when you or your family would be hurt and need to be hospitalized abroad. Without any insurance that covers these medical bills, you will be forced to shoulder them. Thus, you would end up, not enjoying your travel and at the same time, a few hundred dollars poorer. You shouldn’t neglect this aspect of your travel. You cannot guarantee all the time that you will be better while you are travelling. There are just times that you need to be hospitalized and preparing for this scenario would greatly help you cover the expenses.

Baggage Losses
The probability of losing your baggage either in the airport or in the hotel is very big when travelling overseas. When this happened, you will experience a lot of frustration and you could also incur additional expenses. Thus, when you lost your baggage, if you have travel insurance, you will be spared of the additional expenses and you wouldn’t be paranoid. Having a baggage insurance will ensure that you will only experience a temporary frustration and avert an expensive disaster.

Flight Cancellation
There are times that you cannot avoid that flights are cancelled by airlines. When this happens, it is usually follows with another disaster such as a delayed in another connected flight. You might miss out one night accommodation that you already paid in advance. You could also need to arrange extra accommodation. All of such things could be expensive if you do not have travel insurance.

Cancel at the Last Minute
Even if you plan in advance for this overseas travel, there are still circumstances in your personal life that could happen to hinder you from travelling on time. You might cut your trip short and go home early or you might even postpone it completely. If you do not have travel insurance, cancelling on these travel plans would be expensive. Thus, having travel insurance is indeed the ultimate must-have before you travel abroad.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nipa Hut Inland Resort Tagum City

Located in San Miguel, Tagum City, Philippines is one of the newest attractions in Tagum City. This is open 24 hours you can go overnight at their place.

People in tagum city love the place because it is really at the heart of the city. Just ask the motorcycle driver to drop you at Nipa Hut. Every Weekend night there is a live band that will sing a song while you are Deeping into the cool water of the pool and drinking your stress free beer.

All I can say that this place is really affordable they have restaurant and there entrance fee is very affordable.

Enjoy Nipa Hut Inland Resort!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

The truth on Timeshares

An easier way than checking into hotels or actually buying a property is acquiring timeshares. This makes it easier for you to go on a vacation without having to be worried about your expenses or location. At a specific time a year, you are given the chance to go away, dwell in a new environment and come back to your actual home, rejuvenated and relaxed.
Managing timeshares can sometimes be difficult. They require maintenance which means you’ll be spending extra for those costs. You’ll also still have to pay for them even if you don’t get to use them at the allotted time span. You can ask family members or friends who have time to spare to fill in for you but scheduling can be hard and you end up not using what you paid for.
When you find yourself in a fix and you don’t know what to do with these units of ownership, you can explore several options. You can go to timeshare companies for help and sell or rent out your property. These companies usually find prospective buyers or lessees interested in your timeshares and negotiate a price. However, these companies may cost you more.
A faster and more convenient option is to research from the internet first. You can take time to study the nature of timeshares and discover options whether for buying them, selling or renting them. Since you’re still dealing with real estate, it’s best that you know the ins and outs of the trade and get a reliable entity that can enlighten and help you about the matter. is one of the websites that help people whether in shopping, buying, selling, renting or negotiating these units. makes sure you’re getting the best price you deserve by providing you numerous options on vacation spots of your choice. They do away with pressuring presentations that most timeshare companies do. Instead, they provide you various videos, articles and reviews about the best locations at different prices. These locations can be anywhere in the world. This can be an advantage for you since choosing a unit at a specific location can be equivalent to an actual ocular inspection. You get the features and amenities you want based on your budget.
The best thing about opting for is that you get to choose and transact your timeshares in the comfort of your own home. Just by going online, you get to plan your next getaway with the family hassle-free. doesn’t just help you find the perfect location; they give you your home away from home.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samal Transportation


One of the most visited island in the philippines according to department of tourism is the samal island (Island Garden City of Samal). Samal is just 20 Minutes away from davao. There are many ways to be in this best vacation destination in Southeast Asia.

By Ferry

You can ride this boat in Km 11 Sasa Davao City going to Samal Island. Open 4:00 am until 11:00pm

By Big Pump Boat

Pump Boat have two ports, First port is at Kilometer 11 Sasa Davao City 50 meters away from the barge port. Second is in Sta. Ana warf where you route is going to Kaputian and talicud Island.

By Island Bus

You can also ride a bus going to babak, Penaplata and Kaputian.

By Habal-habal or Motorcycle

There are local motorcycle service that can be hire in samal island they can bring you any point in samal.

By Water Taxi

The newest addition to samal island transportation.
If you’d like to booked for this water taxis you could visit their station at Sta. Ana Wharf, Davao City / Phone number : (+6382) 295-7488 . They are currently operating from 6:00am to 7:00pm.

Fare rates

Sta. Ana wharf to Kaputian                                    P             50.00
Km. 11 Sasa wharf to Babak (motorboat)      P             13.00
Km. 11 Sasa wharf Ferryboat (bus)
to any point in Babak District                                               P             10.00
Davao Bus Terminal to any point in Babak                   P             30.00
Davao Bus Terminal to any point in PeƱaplata           P             40.00
10 wheeler cargo truck (empty/loaded)                          P             1,500.00
10 wheeler dump truck (empty/loaded)                          P             900.00
6 wheeler cargo truck (empty/loaded)                             P             1,100.00
6 wheeler dump truck (empty/loaded)                            P             750.00
Light cargo truck (elf/canter)                                                 P             600.00
Mini dump truck                                                                            P             500.00
Light vehicles (jeep/pick-ups/van/cars)                            P             270.00
Tricycle                                                                                               P             125.00
Motorcycles/Bicycles                                                                 P             60.00

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