Thursday, January 31, 2013

Travel Insurance – The Ultimate Solution to Any Problems Encountered While Vacationing

To most people who don’t know, travel insurance is the insurance that covers any accidental expenses while you are vacationing. This means that you could avail this insurance whether you are having a vacation inside your country or going abroad. The good thing about this insurance is the fact that you get insured with any kind of emergency you might have while travelling, from the moment you leave up to the time you returned home.

There might be a time during your travel that you need to be hospitalized. Without travel insurance, you are forced to pay all the medical expenses incurred during the trip. However, when you have a travel protection, you will be reimbursed with this medical expense. This is the benefit of having insurance while travelling. Aside from this, just in case you lost your baggage in the airport, without insurance, you will be left to shoulder all the expenses that you need to spend in the effort to buy clothes and other personal necessities. With travel insurance, even if you lost something, you won’t feel frustrated and you could still enjoy your vacation without worrying about the lost items.

Included also in the travel insurance is the chance of the occurrence of personal circumstances that can change your mind in travelling. You might have personal reasons that you need to cut short of the trip or you might want to cancel the trip entirely. Without travel insurance, you won’t get any reimbursements on the cost you have spent in reserving the hotel, the plane as well as any other tour you have booked. All of these might be wholeheartedly a big inconvenience is there won’t be any travel insurance that will cover them all.

Furthermore, there are lot of offers that you could choose from in availing travel insurance. There are overseas emergency medical assistance, overseas medical expenses, accidental death, permanent disability, luggage, delayed luggage allowance, personal liability, cancellation fees, alternative transport expenses, additional expenses, loss of injury, pet travel insurance and a lot more.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dolores Farm Resort Polomolok South Cotabato

Dolores Farm Resort Polomolok South Cotabato

Another hidden resort of South Cotabato the Dolorest Farm
Resort which is a member of RDGroup of companies.

Dolorest Farm Resort is a good place for relaxation because
of it is green environment and a farm kind of resort. A perfect place for family
gathering and special events. You can enjoy their pool and have a picture with these
animals that can be found on their mini zoo.

There Rooms are fully air-condition with Hot and cold
shower, Cable Television and the place is Wifi. They also have free breakfast
and free from pool entrance and mini zoo.

Room Rates:                                       
Standard Room                                                 Php        900.00  
Superior Room                                                                  1,100.00                             
Deluxe Family Room                                                       1,300.00                             

•             Swimming
•             Wide
parking area
•             Mini Zoo
•             Durian
•             Open
•             Airport
•             Room
•             Laundry
•             Safety
deposit box
•             Function
•             Souvenir

Contact Dolores Farm Resort:
Polomolok, South Cotabato
Telefax: (63-83) 500-9362
No worries on foods because they have the best resort food for you!
Your children can enjoy the resorts playground!  
 They have wide parking lot and there security is 24 hours, you will be safe 24 hours.
Dolores Farm Resort Pool
Dolores Farm Resort Pool
Kanyao swimming pool

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Explore South resorts: Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park

Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park

I've been searching for a new resort to chill before the summer come. After a long search I bump with this nice name of resort Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park.

Then searching deep with this resort then I was amazed with their water tubing indoor activity. They have 183 meter loop pool and have a few meter canal types like RIOGRANDE Rapids of Enchanted Kingdom. I guess this is their main attraction but that was not just their main magnetism they also have an Olympic type of pool that you can train yourself to be the best swimmer. I think that was an Indoor type of practice pool for those who want to be Michel Phelps in the future.

Kiddos is not out for this resort because they have kiddy pool to enjoy. Cute colorful structure is build for kids, for me it was a water playground.

For those who wants wave you can enjoy the wave pool of Paraiso Verde and Water Park. There cottages was build light and colorful beside pool. They also have Restaurant inside the Resort. The place was clean and new.

Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park
Olympic Pool
This resort will be on my next vacation stop.

Ohh by the way this resort is located down south in Brgy. Zone I, General Santos Drive ,9506 Koronadal Proper, Philippines.

If you have some input please do comment I’m glad to read it.
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park Kiddy Pool
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park
Rapid Pool
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park

Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park Kiddy Pool
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park
Paraiso Verde Resort and Water Park Pool Side

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Davao Wedding Venue: Essentials

the view davao

A wedding is a very special event for every couple who are about to get married. Planning for the wedding itself can be a daunting task. For one, finding wedding venues can be tedious. Couples tend to look for wedding venues that can take their breath away and make their wedding a memorable experience. Couples who are looking for venues may consider these factors:

Complete your guest list. Consider the seating capacity of the venue and the seating arrangements of your guests. Nowadays, many couples schedule an appointment on these wedding venues online or visit the venue themselves. Another thing to consider is the beautification of the venue. It is best that you customize the floral and table arrangements. If your budget permits, hire an in-house wedding planner to present him/her your motifs and ideas. Valet parking is another factor. It is a must that you can accommodate all your guests. The proximity of the venue is also important, the venue must be reachable to all your guests.

the view maa davao
Food for the reception and catering is vital as well. Wedding venues should have catering services. It is also recommended that you choose food from their menu and do a taste test. The food should also be palatable and delicious so the guests can remember it as well. Remember to choose foods that fit you and your guests. Another factor is the photo services, you can design, create your own album motifs to fit your needs or choose from their available album designs. Try to contact the person in charge and they will take care of the rest.

To help you find wedding venues, visit the site www.LocalVacationPlaces.blogspotcom. The site has some of the most unique venues to make your wedding a memorable one. The site is connected to other links that can help you choose the venue. Check out some of these featured venues.

The View-Located at Maatuod Maa Davao City has wedding packages that include: a barrel room for the reception, choose for a variety of home baked breads, skirted bridal table and gift table with linens and tablecloths, wine barrels serve as decorations, audio and multimedia equipment.

eagle ridge resort
Eagle Ridge Inland Resort- its features include a garden chapel for you to fulfill your wedding vows, a conference room that can accommodate 40 guests, you can even hire in-house garden musicians, a photo service, floral and table decorations, and parking facilities.

Visit the site today and make your dream wedding come true. 

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Aloncia Inland Resort Tagum Explore the Deepest Pool in Tagum City

Aloncia Inland Resort tagum 8 feet Pool

Tourism Business in Tagum City is a booming business. Inland Resort are not hard to find in the hearth of the city. Introducing the one of the cleanest and beautiful inland resort in tagum the Aloncia Inland Resort.

Aloncia Come from the Mothers name of the Owner. The Resort was slowly build last 2006, the plan was just a private pool but when people of looks for a new outlet for happiness they offer their private pool and slowly develop it to inland resort. Below is the following information you want to know about Aloncia Inland Resort of Tagum. Aloncai is located at Purok Aala Mankilam Tagum city near the Tagum City Capitol. 150meters Away from Jolibee Tagum.

Entrance Fee:

Adults P60

Children Pool of ALoncia Inland Resort
P30 Day Tour
P50 overnite.

7 day cottages  P150-P300 per day, and the

cottages in childrens area  P100 per day.

tables with umbrellas cost P50  per day.

Close Cottage for Over Night
single 2 persons--P700 per night ,have aircon and walk-in shower and c.r
Family lodge accommodate up to 4 adults -- P800 per night, have aircon and walk-in shower and c.r

Price for overnight is P100 per adult and a minimum of 20 persons if you want to overnight we do ask that you book prior to the day as we have to arrange for staff to work that night, also we will charge the full price if the minimum persons number is not met.

Function Hall:  50 persons -- P800 per day

Exclusive bookings for private functions.

Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm P12,000.
saturday and sunday 8am to 5pm P15,000.

Contact Alocia Inland Resort:

Address: Aloncia resort,
Tagum Purok Aala
Mankilam, Tagum City

TelePhone:+63 84 2162326
CellPhone: +639083288004

Please Book if you need reservation as per advice by the Resort Manager.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Lanikai Resort: Perfect Private Tagum Getway

Tagum City is one of the raising city in terms of economics but they also have the best resorts hidden. Resorts like Lanikai Resorts that can be found in Brangay Madaum Tagum City. 15 minutes away from the center of the city. Lanikai Resort is not a new resort but actually its been around over a decade own by Tuazon's family.

Lanikai is an Hawaiin word “heavenly Water”.

Now Lanikai resort is a private resort where you can enjoy your privacy. There green cool playground can reminisce your childhood days because you can run over and make what you want, they also have basketball and tennis court. The resort is surrounded with big ancient trees and coconut trees.

The resort also offers some packages like safari tours and river tours it’s all depend on what your trip. Minutes away you can also visit the Barret beach resort one of the famous resort in Madaum. You can also see the Hijo Port and also the clean beach view of madaum.

The resort also cooks for your food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Just seat with your laptop at the veranda and enjoy their free wife. Yes the place is wifi hotspot so you’re not detaching to your facebook and twitter friends.

If you are looking for an intimate garden wedding the Lanikai is a perfect place for your dream garden wedding.

Lanikai Contact Information:

Telephone    Tel. Nos. (6382) 282-3757 / (6382) 282-3662
Fax   Fax No. (6382) 282-3833

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Manna Korean Restaurant Davao : Korean Cuisine

Manna Korean Restaurant in Davao City

Korean Invasion is now on Davao City.
Korean food is unique in style and taste. And Filipino is a food lover so when Koreans bring their cuisine the Philippines we directly embrace there food.
People in Davao have a spot for this Korean food.
Last December 2012 before the yearend me and my wife visit the famous Korean Restaurant in Roxas street called Manna Korean Restaurant “The Food From heaven”.
This is our first time and the name of the food was really new to us and we have a hard time choosing what is the best for us but we ended with the best food they have. But I can say all food in there menu are Excellent and Lovely to our stomach.
The price is very affordable the serving of food was good for two. The side dishes are unlimited so eat all you want. Kim chi is so spicy and tasty.
I enjoy the place and the food! Happy eating

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