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Top 5 Best Beach Destinations in Samal Island

Best Resort in Samal

Dayang Beach Resort

During the months of March and April, almost everybody would agree that nothing gives us more comfort and refreshment than spending a really hot day at the beach. Luckily, the Philippines is a country full of beaches that one will never be out of choices. So here, I give you the Top 5 Beach Destinations in Samal Island.

Before anything else, let me tell you general information about Samal. Samal is an island in the Davao Region that is a favorite among foreigners and locals. From Davao City, it is accessible through ferry boats and barges. And, it would only take less than an hour to travel across. So, are you ready?

Here is the Top 5 Beach Destinations in Samal Island.

Dayang Beach Resort
Dayang Beach Resort is a resort in Samal Island that offers serenity and privacy. Although it is open to anyone anytime, the location of the resort makes it possible for you to experience peace. Dayang is located at the very far end of the island. You have to travel for almost 2 hours to get here. The resort is able to give you amenities that are costly in other resorts. They have a store where you can buy rice, charcoal, water, and other necessities at a very low price. They also allow grilling. They do not have any corkage so you can bring whatever you want to bring. The only reason why I put this at the last spot on the list is its accessibility. There is only one schedule every week of the ferry from Davao City to the resort. If you miss that, you can still go here but you have to go to another rout and spend more money on fare.

Camp Holiday is where people who would like to have a simple beach day with just food and swimming at a place that is easily accessible. Camp Holiday has a cheap entrance fee. They have grilling stations, a kiddie pool, airconditioned rooms, tent rentals, and small cottages. You will enjoy in this resort if you are for swimming and won’t mind the crowd. There are three reasons why this is only on the 4th spot: (a) they charge high corkage; (b) at times, the crowd gets really too thick and you may not stand the noise; and (c) it gets kind of awkward to swim in their beach and see a ferry approach the dock that is just adjacent the resort.

3 – Isla Reta

Isla Reta Beach Resort
I have been to Isla Reta a couple of times before and from first-hand experience, I must say that this is the perfect resort for people who want to soak in the sun and enjoy the crystal clear water. Isla Reta has almost the same entrance fee rates as Camp Holiday. But unlike most resorts, this one’s a little farther and it would take almost an hour travel. But, the long travel will pay off once you set foot in the powdery white sand of Isla Reta. Like most resorts, you are allowed to grill pork or chicken or any kind. They also have a wide shore where you can play beach games. Their beach is also clean so when you dip yourself here, you wouldn’t want to get out. Isla Reta would have been a perfect resort if only it can give more comfort. They have overnight bunkers but most of them are not aircoinditioned and most faucets give out saltwater so you wouldn’t really get to wash yourself properly.

2 – Bali-Bali
Bali-Bali Beach Resort Samal

This resort deserves its spot. Bali-Bali is just a small resort about 20 minutes away from the city. It has 6 villas where each one can accommodate up to 4 people. During my first time here, I was very much loving the privacy it gave us. Although it isn’t totally private, but because of the limited rooms, you would feel that the whole place is yours. The resort has a medium-sized beach and a wide shore where you can lay yourself under the taning heat of the sun. They also have a narrow but long infinity pool that runs through the six villas. They also allow cooking there so you can cook almost any kind of food you want to eat. And their amenities? Awesome! The rooms are airconditioned with perfectly designed interior art. Some rooms are Asian-inspired while some are Carribean or Mediterranean. Weirdly, the part that I most loved here was their bathroom. It was very spacious and clean. I loved the idea that the bathroom has a small extension with no roof so you get to take a hot or cold shower in the natural light of the sun.

1 – Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm Samal Davao
Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Pearl Farm Beach Resort might be the most expensive resort on the island. Well, you would get your money’s worth anyway. There is nothing bad to say about the resort. From the travel to the resort up until the end of your stay, you are treated with god service and luxury. You would be welcomed with drinks upon your arrival in the resort. You will also not worry about the food as they are part of what you paid for. The meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, I must say that you will surely have your stomach full with their delicious variety of food offered each meal. You also have a lot of choices when it comes to swimming. They have a really wide beach and two swimming pools. Their rooms are also first-class, the amenities are complete.

So, there you have it. I hope I have given you a variety of choices. I hope that this made you decide where you would go this summer. Have fun!


Christopher Valenzona said...

Pearl Farm isn't really the most expensive resort in Samal. Try checking Buenavista Island Resort. That I would say is the most expensive resort.

Shemie Al said...

I agree with you Christopher. Buenavista Island is the most expensive resort in Samal. I wish i could go there :)

vaness said...

Pearl Farm have cottages charged with P79,000 in just for a night.

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