Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sar Bay Dance 2013 Video

Another way to celebrate sarbay party!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Midori Farm Resort Davao

Midori Farm Resort

Looking for a place to be refreshed from a stressful life of the city? Midori Farm Resort is the answer for your problem.

Midori Farm Resort is located at Inawayan, Santa Cruz Davao del Sur. 1 Hour away from Davao City and 20 Minutes away from Toril Davao City.

This Inland resort is famous to its cooled water coming from a spring and its 100% chloren free. They are also in the middle of the forest so the air your breath is very fresh.

You may contact the Midori Farm Resort:

 * Contact No.: (082-295-3020) (0922-857-1527)
 * Address: Inawayan, Municipality of Santa Cruz: Davao del Sur
 * Email :

Walk-in Day Tour rates:

Adult Entrance-50/ head (with pool use)

Child Entrance-30/ head (with pool use)

Cofta Set-up-150 (good for 10 persons)

Bamboo Cottage-200 (good for 15 persons)

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Davao City- Guay Inland Resort

Guay Inland Resort

Inland Resort is really clicking now a day’s because of the global warming effect. Yes “Global warming” and when it comes to global warming it means HOT.  Together with that we need to be near a cool fresh environment sample of this cool fresh environment is bodies of water. J Ohhh yeah bodies of water. J A refreshing feeling when you’re way of relaxing is to swim in a fresh water because it’s cold. A perfect match for a hot weather.

I found this new Inland Resort almost 30 minutes away from the Davao City named Guay Inland Resort.
Guay Inland Resort is located at Kilometer 23 Quitolao Bunawan, Davao city. A 30-45 minutes away from Downtown of Davao City. The Resort is in the middle of a mango farm and 25 meters away from the highway.

Below is the Guay Inland Resort Information:

Guay Inland Resort

Entrance Fee:

Adult - Php 30
Kids  - Php 20

Overnight Fee - Php 80

Note Day Tour Until 10pm Only


Table -Php 50
Table w/ Umbrella- Php 100
Mini Cottage - Php 150 (5 to 8 person)
Small Cottage - Php 200 (10 to 15 Person)
Family - php 300 (15- 20 Person)

Reception Area

Package: Php 5,000
Inclusion : 100 person

                Table Clothing
                Table and Chair

Additional: 500 for Videokey Machine



Small - Php 2/bottle
Big- Php 5/bottle


Small- Php 5
Big - Php 10
Long Neck - 15

Lechon- php 150

Contact Guay Inland Resort

Arden Guay- 09309408715

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