Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend at Pearl Farm 2014

Pearl farm Infinity Pool

It’s been a decade since I went to this first class resort in Davao, Samal Island. Pearl Farm is a 4 star Beach Resort in the Philippines. I’ve been to many resorts Boracay and Palawan but Pearl Farm offers different happiness and relaxation.

Malipano Island
Pearl Farm Resort is newly renovated and our weekend vacation with my officemate from Just Simply Outsourcing Worldwide was really awesomeness. We really enjoy the service of the pearl farm employee; the room was so clean and organize. Our sleep was so much comfortable as what we expect. The toiletries are complete with matching free fruits and coffee.

The pearl farm maranao restaurant offers buffet for only Php 1100 you can enjoy every food that they serve if you don’t want to try there buffet you can order foods on their menu.

If you feel to go at malipano island just 5 to 10 minutes away from the main resort you just book at the parola for a free ride.
Pearl Farm Front Resort

Our team totally enjoy at the malipano island because we rent a jetski and swim to their perfect beach shore.

At night we swim at their infinity pool until 9:00 PM, after the pool you can also jump at the beach.

Pearl Farm is a peaceful place where you can enjoy and be happy with your family or friends.

Pearl Farm Parola
Going to Malipano Island
Pearl Farm Pool at Night

mandaya cottage Pearl Farm
Pearl farm

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