Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Britania Group of Islands Surigao del Sur

Britania Group of Island in San Agustin Surigao del Sur is one of the place to be this summer or even in a long weekend destination. People like me who loves to travel and discover new place loves to go to a perfect escapade.

Before that you need to research what are the best resorts for you. Below is the Britania List of Resorts.

Oasis Rest House


A pleasant & peaceful place to stay when you visit Britania Islands in San
Agustin,Surigao del Sur

Airconditioned Room accommodation w/ toilet bath (6-8 pax capacity per
Function Hall (maximum 70 pax capacity)


For bookings & reservations you may send us a message here in FB or
contact us at +639107529319 (Nang Babie)

La Entrada Beach Resort

Tel: 09302275934 or 09218078974

Email mercy_alameda1964@yahoo.com


De Luxe (Private Chalet)

Good for 2 persons
Fully Airconditioned rooms
Private Comfort Room

Price: Php 1800.00

Standard Rooms

Good for two persons
Max capacity is 6 pax
Fully airconditioned Room
Private Comfort room

Php 1500.00

Extra Bed Php. 200.00


Tel: 09993625304

Room #1

Capacity 4 heads
1 matrimonial & 1 double deck
Airconditioned room
Max of 7 heads (extra Php100/head)

Price: Php 1200.00

Room #2

Capacity 4 heads
Airconditioned room

Price: Php  800.00

Room #3

Capacity 6 heads

Php  200.00

Cottage #4

Exhausted Aircon
Max 9 heads (extra Php100/head)

Php 1000.00

Packaged Whole Area

2nd Floor
Max of 30 persons

Php 5000.00

Mac Arthur's Place


A resort having a perfect view of scenic Britania (23) Islands

Room #1 Aircondition with comfort Room
With Balcony facing the fantastic views of britania islets
Good for 10-14 Person
Free Native breakfast for every person who check-in

Price 2500

Open Cottage

Price: 200.00


A resort ideal for:
-family/group/individual outing
-offers perfect/unhampered view of scenic Britatia Islands
-jump of point for Britania Islands hopping
-has following amenities/facilities:
>airconditioned rooms
>pumpboat for island hopping -seafoods
>picnic sheds -grilled foods
>function rooms -short orders
>catering services -drinks

email: imelda_orcullo@yahoo.com

Virgo Beach Resort

Room #1

Aircondition with Comfort Room
Good For 4 to 6 Person

Price 1200.00

Open Cottage

Price: 200.00

If you have questions please email me or drop a comment.

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