Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Alice Log House Marilog Davao CIty

Front View of Alice Log House

Unquestionably, the Philippines is a country where beaches are the main attraction and the most sought after by tourists. Aside from the clear waters of the country, there are also beautiful spots in the highlands.

Have you been to Baguio in Luzon? If you are coming from the south and want to experience the weather in Baguio, Davao City has its own version of it -the BUDA area. The common term "Buda" is from "Bukidnon-Davao" because it is situated between Bukidnon & Davao. You can experience fog, cold weather and fresh air that can satisfy your desire for Baguio. If you want to stay overnight in Buda, I recommend a place for you to stay in -Alice Log House.

Alice Log House is 75 kilometers away from Davao City, the place is also along the BUDA highway at Bagong Silang , Baganihan, Marilog, Davao City. You can contact them on their cellphone no. 0920 824 4571 for reservations. You can rent the whole house for Php 3500. There is no electricity yet in the area but a generator may be used for Php 50 per hour. You may need to bring flash lights and full charge your gadgets if your budget is tight. Don’t forget also to bring jackets and socks because the area goes below 15 degrees. Also bring your own food because there is no store at the location. They have a stove though if you want to cook there.

Alice is a good place to stay in for families of barkadas. Alice log house has a play room just beside the living room. It has Darts, Billiard table, scrabble game, Chess Game, TV and karaoke. They also have free mineral water so scratch out the water in your list. If you're adventurous you can also visit the famous Epol Spring Resort (waterfalls) which is just a 30-minute walk from Alice.

I can also recommend that this place is perfect for wedding venue and pre-nuptial photo shot. You can also do your wedding in this place because of its view on ARAKAN Valley where you can image the place like in the commercial on Marlboro Country and also in Batanes. This place is really a place to be worth of coming back. Till next time Alice J  

Below are the pictures of the place and our adventure.

Flowing fountain of ALice

Epol Forest in addition of the fog this is pure beauty 

Playing Room

Gabbe at Alice Log House Marilog

Arakan Valley

Epol Mountain Resort Entrance

Foggy Afternoon of Alice Log House

Epol Trail

BUDA High Way

Morning View at Arakan Valley

Marlboro Country of Marilog Davao

Dawn is breaking and this is the beautiful View of Arakan Vallye Marilog

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