Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waniban Island Mati Davao Oriental

Waniban Island is known as an island that is surrounded by blue crisp water that is ideal for swimming, scuba and skin diving.You can explore it in less than 1 to 2 hours  on foot.
How to go to Waniban Island
Waniban Island is a  4 hectares in Barangay Tamisan, approximately 25 kilometers from Mati City, and is only a 30 to 40 minute boat ride from Mati City Wharf or if you stay in Cinco Masao Beach Resort it will just be  15 to 20 minutes pump boat . Wanniban Island is owned by the Linsag Family. 

What to Expect in Waniban Island

The place is very natural there are no people leaves in the island. No Electricity, No Beach Resort, there is only one cottage that visitors can stay also NO Entrance fee. The view of this island is really refreshing in the eyes and brain. So bring everything you want to, the foods and the drinks. Safe wise you better leave the island before 4pm because the waves will not be the same it become bigger.  
If you are watching the survivor series then you can relate to this very native island. 

My Own experience in Waniban Island

We stay at the cinco masao beach resort one of the cheap best resort in Mati City Davao Oriental. At Night we ask to book a pump boat that will bring us to Waniban Island because from where we stay we can see an Island that we can’t deny to explore. As an outdoor enthusiast we love to explore new things and my best dream is to see and conquer all 7,107 island of the Philippines.
So after booking a pump boat at night we are sure at the morning we will be at Waniban Island. At 8 AM we ride an pumpboat and reach to waniban island at 8:30 then starting exploring the island it just took me 2 hours to walk around the entire island. I was a fulfilling thing to explore the beauty of waniban. After roaming around we cook our lunch and swim into the water of waniban. Then go back to masao to pack and get back to the real world.  

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kopiat Island Comval Province

Kopiat Island Comval Province

A day tour to KOPIAT ISLAND: Perfect Island getaway

Kopiat Island a perfect place for adventure, these 87 hectares of land that full of coconut trees and wild fruit trees is really perfect for a day tour travel in an island. Kopiat Island is undeveloped island in Compostella Valley Province so there is no establishment or any building in this island. But seating in white small rocky coral sand is really cool feeling and grilling your raw food is what all we want in an adventure trip.
Kopiat Island Comval Province Pump Boat
How to get to Kopiat Island.
If you come from Davao City you can ride a bus in Ecoland overland Transport terminal look for Metro Shuttle bus going to pantukan or Tagum City, second choose is Bachelor Bus Line ride a Mati City Route and drop to Mabini Comval Province. The bus fare is over Php 80-100. After Dropping to PINDASAN, Mabini Comval Province ride a motorcycle to the port to for pump boat ride to KOPIAT Island. Pindasan port to Kopiat Island is just 10 mins ride. Some Pump Boat give a service to tour around the Kopiat island and it just cost for 500-800 depending on how many people are in the boat. Entrance fee of Kopiat Isla Beach Resort is Php 20.00..Do not worry on where to rent a pump boat because there are so many vacant pump boat that you can hire for a just Php 30-50.
Kopiat Island Beach Resort
What to bring in Kopiat Island
Bring your own Food, Drinks (beer,water and soda) because there is no Store in the island. Before living to the main Island you must all buy everything. If you have Hammock swing that will be a perfect tool for resting.

What to expect in Kopiat Island
If you want to explore the island You can see a small kopiat island lagoon in the middle of Kopiat island. Tour around kopiat island is really cool because you can see different kind of mangroves, some parts of kopiat island is really virgin forest. There are some beautiful spot for diving in kopiat island because of the wonderful coral formation you can see above the sea when you are touring around the island. The place is also peaceful and serene because there is just a view people visit kopiat island due to less tourism promotion and also Kopiat Island is a private Island.
As of this moment visiting Kopiat Island is really cheap but the owner of this island is planning to develop the place and soon this place will be one of the best tourist island spot in the Philippines.  So don’t waste your time and visit kopiat island and experience the beauty of nature. 

Here are some of our day tour trip in Kopiat Island

Kopiat Island Comval Province

Kopiat Island Comval Province

Kopiat Island Comval Province, Beach Shore

Kopiat Island Comval Province

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

VistaView Resto Hill Top Davao City

Vistaview Resto

Food Review on VistaView Resto Hill Top Davao City

Looking and discovering delicious foods is never ending story for everybody. We love to eat for fun or just to tastes and discover a new brand of food.

Have you ever pass in Davao City Diversion Road specifically in Maa diversion road? Hmmm.. If i say Hill Top Maa? I think you can recognize this place? Late 90's dencios hill top was build and cater different kind of people but presently if you pass by the diversion road you can look up the mountain and say Ohhhh the place was rejuvenated. Bright Light was being put up so that every people pass the area can recognized that hey there is still life in Hill Top Davao.

These new marketing actions of hill top catch my attention. I who loves to discover ne things was hook by this strategy. Together with my partner decision to eat at Hill Top and also discover the place is there is new to update our food trip directory.

Automatically we reach the place and Wow we discover new thing that hill top change the name, not it is the VistaView Resto. So we go inside and tour around to pick what is the best spot of our table to see Davao city at night while enjoying the food of VistaView Resto.

We order Bulalo and my favorite kinilaw and shake with soda. The waiter told us to wait for 15 minutes to serve our order but in less than 15 minutes they serve us.
Delicious Kinilaw VistaView Resto

So first thing we tasted the Bulalo Soup and it was WWWWWWOOOOOWWWWW. This is the best Bulalo I ever tasted. I was so sweat and full of tasted. I love yummy tasted of it and the next one is the kinilaw. I say I have a standard of kinilaw so tasting this beautiful kinilaw presentation never failed my standard. The food of VistaView Resto together with the overlooking view of davao really complete my night. It's not just the food but they serve cheap delicious quality food in davao city. You can’t imagine that this cool place is one of the affordable restaurants in Davao City.

Totally a new different Hill Top Restaurant.

VistaView Resto Food
Davao Overlooking

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Birthday Vacation Spot

One of the Best Birthday Vacation Spot

I always celebrate my birthday at home together with my family but this time my girlfriend surprise me with a nature tripping birthday vacation celebration.

She cover my eyes and drove to the very best nature park in Davao and I think it’s the best in the Philippines second will be the mountain of Baguio.

Eden Nature park is just 40 Km from the heart of davao City. Eden Nature Park caters the best nature and outdoor activity for family and lovers.

Sample of outdoor activity that you can enjoy in Eden NaturePark:

- Try the zip line of Eden with the view of whole Davao City and below of your line is the beauty of eden forest.

-Try the short zip line called Indiana Jones and ran the obstacle run of Eden nature Park

- Try the horseback riding together with your horse tour guide

- If you are hungry you can visit the Fish Village of Eden. Catch a fresh live fish and cook in front of you. You can taste the sweetness of the Fish with the fresh organic rice from eden rice field.

-After eating you can go to their green cold swimming pool and refresh your tired body. The infinity pool of eden is a very relaxing beauty to your eyes.

-After the tired day you can go to your cabin and have time to your partner and enjoy the nature night of eden.

-At the morning you can walk and have a adventure trail of eden mountain. You can spend 2 hours walking around eden nature park.

This is my simple birthday vacation trip to Eden Nature Park.

If you have some question and comment feel free to drop your comments. You may also try some related post about eden nature spot and other adventure vacation spot in the Philippines.

Eden Obstacle Track 

Eden nature park Horse back riding 

feel the cool fresh infinity pool of eden

Morning Walk in Eden

the best birthday vacation spot

Indiana Jones of eden Mountain nature resort

Eden Fish Village

Fresh teilapia fish of eden
Eden Forest

Zip with eden nature park

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sea World Oasis Resort

A PerfectWeekend Getaway Vacation

Comval Province is known to be the Mining capital of the philippines they also have the largest banana Plantation. Aside from this rich nature gift they also have the competitive beach resort in the country. One of the pride beach resorts of Comval Province is the Sea World Oasis Resort. 

Where is Sea World Oasis Resort Located?

The Sea World Oasis Resort is located at Lower Lahi, Magnaga, Pantukan Comval Province. Pantukan is just 70 Kilometers from Davao City but the nearest City of pantukan is Tagum City.

How to get in Sea World Oasis Resort?

From Davao City you can ride a bus from Ecoland terminal, then ride a bachelor bus or metro shuttle bus line. Make sure that the route of the bus is going to Mati City if you ride a bachelor Express and if you want to ride Metro Shuttle bus there is a direct route from davao to Pantukan. The fair would be 100 to 200 Php depending if you ride an aircon bus or a regular bus. Second Option is the Van in Nccc mall, Maa or Gaisano Mall of Davao In Bajada.

What to Expect in Sea World Oasis Resort?

The place is commercialize you can buy the drinks, soda, beer and juice. They all have a canteen. You can also buy souvenirs and dresses or if you dont have slippers they sale that. A pool for kids and Adults. They also have karaoke machine where you can sing your favorite song, they also have a billiard table to make boys more fun. A diving spot direct to the beach if you don’t want to join the people in the pool.

Facilities and Room Rates;

The Residence
Keeshia ROOM    rm101-Php 2300/10persons
Mechelle ROOM       rm102- Php 2500/8 persons
Margarette ROOM    rm103- Php 2600/13prsn
James  ROOM            rm201- Php 2000/6 persons
Kim ROOM                rm202- Php 2600/12 persons

Chalet  - Php 1,700/rm capacity of 4 persons
Umbrella Cottage-   Php500/15-20 persons 
Pool- 50/hd adult and children
The Barracks cottage- php500/15-20 persons

More Related Vacation Place Post at the right side. You may also like our facebook fan page to be the first to know which the next vacation place I will visit.

Amusement Center

Sea World Oasis Resort

Sea World Oasis Resort

Sea World Oasis Resort

Sea World Oasis Resort Souvenirs

Sea World Oasis Resort Pool

Sea World Oasis Resort Rooms

Sea World Oasis Resort

Sea World Oasis Resort Sunset View

Sea World Oasis Resort Billiard Table

Sea World Oasis Resort

Sea World Oasis Resort Cootage

Sea World Oasis Resort VIP ROOM

Sea World Oasis Resort Canteen

Sea World Oasis Resort Cottage

Sea World Oasis Resort

Sea World Oasis Resort

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top Beach Resort in Talicud Island Davao City

Talicud Island Davao City
Looking for a Resort in Talicud Island is just pretty easy. Talicud Island Resort Offers a cheap vacation resort in the Island. Also Talicud Island is One Ride away from Magsaysay Warf Davao City. You can go via Island tour or a daily Route of Big Pump Boat via Talicud Island - Kaputian Samal Then Goes to Davao City and Vice Versa. 
Coral Garden Of Talicud Island
There are a lot of One Day tour in Davao city that can tour you all over talicud Island in 1 day. You can sea the beautiful Coral Garden Of talicud, Fall in love with the clear water of dayang beach resort, you can try the service of Isla reta Beach Resort they have cool crew. There are also private resorts in the place.
Talicud Island is a quite place with white fine sand, the cool thing in talicud island is not yet fully developed and not populated as Samal Island Resort.
Island Tour to Talicud Island Davao City
Recommended place if you don’t like to go with a crowed resorts, A perfect place for group meeting, team building, Family Celebration, Also lovely place for a cheap honeymoon.
What to bring:
Bring your Food and Water. The caretaker of Dayang can cook for you but you can pay them very low. At the Morning you can also buy a fresh fish for breakfast. All kitchen Utensils are ready.
No Entrance fee
Cooking Service/ 30 pesos per kilo of rice
Mineral Water 15 pesos per 1 liter
Table for 100 pesos
Tent 100 pesos
4 units of room for Php 450.00
Close Cottage with bedding Php 350. 5 Person only
Open Cottage 250. 5 person Only
Contact No. 082-28666730
Absolutely you can have an over Night Stay at dayang beach resorts.The place is really Secure because they have 24 hour security guard.
Babu Santa Beach Resort
Is one of the prides of Talicud Island Beach, There shore is very different in Samal Island Beaches. Tf you are in boracay island and in Puka Beach resort you can relate Babu Santa.
How to Go to BaBu Santa Beach Resort
You can take a ride of pump boat in Sta. Ana Warf or the magsaysay warf.
Expect in Babu Santa Beach
Babu Santa is has a pretty big wave, Clean blue water, Undevelop place, Calm and nature surroundings. Cheap Price but very nice place.Electricity serves only 3 pm to 1 am.
Docking Fee - Php 200.00/night
Tables and Chairs - Php 100.00
Tent(Owned) - Php 75.00/head/24h
Isla Reta Beach Resort is one of the famous beach resort in Samal Island and Talicud Island. They own a private pump boat that carry their visitors to their Resort.
Long Beach Shore of Isla Reta Beach resort
They have a huge beach white shore. One of the thing that you can watch on Isla reta Beach resort is there Seo Cow "Dugong". They have a resident sea cow.
Expect for Isla Reta:
Great Crew Service, Clean Beach, Perfect Location for team building, There is no Electricity every morning , secured place. Not a crowded beach Resort in Samal Island. They have 24 hours open canteen, you can buy your food and drinks there.
What Can you do in Isla Reta Beach Resort:
valley ball
Explore the Nature
Picture Taling of the beach Beauty
You can also do team building in Isla Reta
Sun bathing
Beach Party
beach Picnik
Isla Reta Rate:
Entrance fee
Daytour – Php 75.00/head
Overnight – Php 150.00/head
Overnight(Kids) – Php 75.00/head
3 years old and below – Free
4 to 10 years old/half – Php 35.00
Isla Reta Beach resort Tour
Picnic Hut – Php 150.00/night
Table under Talisay Tree – Free of charge w/ bed (single or double)
Open Cottages – Free
These three resorts are most know and recommended to visit. There are links at the right side you can all click to check them. If you have a beach resort that I didn’t put in this post you can add up in the comment and I will soon update my post.
Thanks for visiting my site you can also read some of my post about Dayang Beach Resort!

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