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Top Beach Resort in Talicud Island Davao City

Talicud Island Davao City
Looking for a Resort in Talicud Island is just pretty easy. Talicud Island Resort Offers a cheap vacation resort in the Island. Also Talicud Island is One Ride away from Magsaysay Warf Davao City. You can go via Island tour or a daily Route of Big Pump Boat via Talicud Island - Kaputian Samal Then Goes to Davao City and Vice Versa. 
Coral Garden Of Talicud Island
There are a lot of One Day tour in Davao city that can tour you all over talicud Island in 1 day. You can sea the beautiful Coral Garden Of talicud, Fall in love with the clear water of dayang beach resort, you can try the service of Isla reta Beach Resort they have cool crew. There are also private resorts in the place.
Talicud Island is a quite place with white fine sand, the cool thing in talicud island is not yet fully developed and not populated as Samal Island Resort.
Island Tour to Talicud Island Davao City
Recommended place if you don’t like to go with a crowed resorts, A perfect place for group meeting, team building, Family Celebration, Also lovely place for a cheap honeymoon.
What to bring:
Bring your Food and Water. The caretaker of Dayang can cook for you but you can pay them very low. At the Morning you can also buy a fresh fish for breakfast. All kitchen Utensils are ready.
No Entrance fee
Cooking Service/ 30 pesos per kilo of rice
Mineral Water 15 pesos per 1 liter
Table for 100 pesos
Tent 100 pesos
4 units of room for Php 450.00
Close Cottage with bedding Php 350. 5 Person only
Open Cottage 250. 5 person Only
Contact No. 082-28666730
Absolutely you can have an over Night Stay at dayang beach resorts.The place is really Secure because they have 24 hour security guard.
Babu Santa Beach Resort
Is one of the prides of Talicud Island Beach, There shore is very different in Samal Island Beaches. Tf you are in boracay island and in Puka Beach resort you can relate Babu Santa.
How to Go to BaBu Santa Beach Resort
You can take a ride of pump boat in Sta. Ana Warf or the magsaysay warf.
Expect in Babu Santa Beach
Babu Santa is has a pretty big wave, Clean blue water, Undevelop place, Calm and nature surroundings. Cheap Price but very nice place.Electricity serves only 3 pm to 1 am.
Docking Fee - Php 200.00/night
Tables and Chairs - Php 100.00
Tent(Owned) - Php 75.00/head/24h
Isla Reta Beach Resort is one of the famous beach resort in Samal Island and Talicud Island. They own a private pump boat that carry their visitors to their Resort.
Long Beach Shore of Isla Reta Beach resort
They have a huge beach white shore. One of the thing that you can watch on Isla reta Beach resort is there Seo Cow "Dugong". They have a resident sea cow.
Expect for Isla Reta:
Great Crew Service, Clean Beach, Perfect Location for team building, There is no Electricity every morning , secured place. Not a crowded beach Resort in Samal Island. They have 24 hours open canteen, you can buy your food and drinks there.
What Can you do in Isla Reta Beach Resort:
valley ball
Explore the Nature
Picture Taling of the beach Beauty
You can also do team building in Isla Reta
Sun bathing
Beach Party
beach Picnik
Isla Reta Rate:
Entrance fee
Daytour – Php 75.00/head
Overnight – Php 150.00/head
Overnight(Kids) – Php 75.00/head
3 years old and below – Free
4 to 10 years old/half – Php 35.00
Isla Reta Beach resort Tour
Picnic Hut – Php 150.00/night
Table under Talisay Tree – Free of charge w/ bed (single or double)
Open Cottages – Free
These three resorts are most know and recommended to visit. There are links at the right side you can all click to check them. If you have a beach resort that I didn’t put in this post you can add up in the comment and I will soon update my post.
Thanks for visiting my site you can also read some of my post about Dayang Beach Resort!


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