Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Tourist Destination in Davao Oriental

Mark your calendar and schedule your travel in this best tourist destination of Davao Oriental.
Discover nature at its finest on the enthralling waterfalls of Aliwagwag, considered as one of the country's most beautiful waterfalls. Elevated at 1,110 feet above sea level, the majestic Aliwagwag Falls is surrounded by a canopy of lush forest stretching to over 10,000 hectares of protected landscape. This falls has a series of 84 cascading waterfalls appearing like stairways, giving Aliwagwag falls its peculiar feature that appeals to adventurers and vacationers everywhere.
Get on a skimboard and ride the epic waves of Dahican that have been attracting many surfing enthusiasts for years. Situated within an 8 kilometer coastline, Dahican beach faces the Pacific Ocean that teems with rich marine life. Watch baby sea turtles hatch on their man-made protected nest or watch dolphins and dugongs on the wild azure sea. For experienced divers, Dahican is a perfect spot for snorkeling through coral lagoons to experience the deep blue underwater adventure. With great accommodations and facilities, Dahican Beach is perfect for a weekend getaway for the whole family.
Pristine untouched islands within Pujada Bay. This Island is a must see destination if you are touring in Mati, Davao Oriental, Philippines. The conditions are ideal for exploring, scuba diving, snorkeling or simply enjoying a relaxing day on this beautiful white sand beach.

Go cast away in this 3 hectare island of pristine white sand, surrounded with deep blue tropical waters teeming with rich marine life. A classic tropical island, San Victor Island has a lush coconut grove that lies at its center. For thrill-seekers, a 92 minutes ride from the mainland to the island via motorboat is a good option for a vacation filled with adventure and fun.
This small and simple island holds so much potential to help boost the tourism industry of Mati. Tourists who have had the opportunity to spend time in Waniban know the kind of wonders this place has to offer.

Truly one of Mother Nature's gifts to the Filipino people, the Bonsai fields of Mt. Hamguitan, which is situated no less than 5,345 feet above sea level, consists of more than 1,000 hectares of forest life filled with wild and exciting flora and fauna. As the name suggests, Bonsai trees span most of the given area.

Located at the easternmost vantage point of the Philippine archipelago, Pusan Point in Caraga marked a historical feat at the turn of the third millennium as this is where the "First Sunrise of the Millennium" occurred. Pusan Point is where the first rays of the sun shine first at the Pacific.

Wind through the breathtaking ocean-drive overlooking the grand view of the majestic "Sleeping Dinosaur" in Barangay Badas, City of Mati. Its distinct formation that resembles a dinosaur resting on its belly earned it to be named after the pre-historic giant. Covered in a canopy of verdant forest and surrounded by blue, crystal clear waters, the Sleeping Dinosaur is a 579 hectare mountain formation. It can be reached within 25 minutes via motorboat.

Explore the exotic landscapes and be in touch with the historic roots of the Cape of San Augustin in Barangay Lavigan, Governor Generoso. Discover the altar regarded as the place where St. Francis Xavier celebrated the Holy Eucharist when he first step foot at Sigaboy, Governor Generoso in the year 1550. Then explore the rest of the headland's wonders by seeing the old Parola (lighthouse), mangrove sites, and the white sand beach.
Balite Hot Spring
Located at Baganga, Davao Oriental. A hot spring is formed when water that is heated underground returns to the surface of the earth. In some areas, magma or lava has worked its way up through Earth's crust. These hot rocks sit at shallow depths beneath Earth's surface. Water that seeps downward into these hot zones is heated by the fiery rock, and returns to the surface, where it may pool to form springs.
Stimulate your love for nature as Magpong Falls in Boston makes you forget the bustles of urban life. Located 7-8 kilometers away from Poblacion, awaken your senses to the freezing cold waters while resting under the shades of green forest. Climb the rocky walls of Magpong Cave fit for thrill-seekers who desires an adventure worth coming back to.
Invigorate your senses in the east coast's White Sand Beach Resort. Walk in the pristine white beach with sand in between your toes. Enjoy the pleasant scenery during the day and the chilly breeze underneath the stars at night, perfect for ultimate solitude and romance.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Affordable Hotels in Davao

Davao City  is the fastest raising city in the Philippines. Investors are eyeing Davao City as the next business capital of the Philippines. But this is not just the factor of inviting tourist in the city but because Davao is an remarkable and fascinating province of Philippines known for its cultural diversity and traditions. Also it offers a range of attractions with a lot of must visit tourist sites and world class facilities. The best attractions of Davao are its beaches Talicud, Samal, Pearl Farm Beach, Bali-Bali Beach Resort and Hof Gorei Beach Resort. These are some of the most prominent and high ranked beaches of the nation.
Aside from beaches, it also offers a must seen attraction such as Araw ng Davao every March 16 and the biggest festival in the Philippines called KADAYAWAN sa Dabaw. This festival is made by no other that honorable Mayor Rudy Duterte since 1986.
Davao city also have the best affordable place to stay for economical traveler that wants to visit the city. These three economical Hotels are just in the heart of Davao.

·         Sampaguita Inn the top economical space to stay in davao. They have two buildings that can hold over 1000 guest. This place is located at Camus Street and Quirino Street davao City.

·         Second will be Tower Inn Davao City, located at Quirino Street Davao City. Tower Inn has great serves and nice rooms to stay.

·         Third is Grand Men Seng Hotel located in magallanes Street Davao City. One of the Oldest Hotel in the city but they are the best and affordable Hotel in town.

Hotels in davao are fully book in times of Kadayawan and Araw ng Davao. So book your place to stay early.

Enjoy your vacation at Davao City.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pujada Island Mati Davao Oriental

Everyone wishes to spend his vacations on a lovely and peaceful island destination that is far from city life and you know what I mean of a city life.
Philippines own jewels of islands one of this is PUJADA ISLAND. The island belongs to the City Government of Mati Davao Oriental. This white beautiful island is at the center of Pujada bay,sandwiched between the fishing villages of Taganilao and Macambol. Pujada Island is one of Mati best attraction spot. This charming island is about 160 hectares and surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of Pacific Ocean.
Pujada Island is also famous for their best diving spot, they have the best coral formation and different colorful fish. Divers love coming back because of the underwater beauty of the island.
The best way to go to Pujada Island is at barangay tagalinao. You can contact the local fisherman to transport and guide you to the island. Tagalinao is 25 kilometers away from Downtown Mati. Having private vehicle is really recommended so you don’t have any problem encountered because its really hard to set up an public utility vehicle to transport you to barangay tagalinao. After arriving at barangay tagalinao go to barangay hall to ask for assistant where to find the affordable guide person to pujada Island.
Pujada Island does not have a resort to relay on with your foods and other things so bring your own. The island is good for picture taking, diving and picnic. Leave the Island before 4:00 pm before the big wave turn your boat upside down.
Pujada Island is less visited because of its location and not advertise island. But if you love to discover new place and be adventurous you can go to pujada island and explore the virgin nature of the Island.
Enjoy and keep safe. Just simply vacation!

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The Peak Gmall: Zabadani + Movie

We headed to The Peak in GMall for two purposes: first is to watch Batman Dark Knight Rises; and second is to dine in our favorite restaurant, Zabadani Café.
The Peak is a perfect place if you are looking for a resto because they have around 12 restaurants plus 5 soon-to-open stalls. The place also gives a beautiful overlooking view of the city. The colorful water garden, which looks like a block of small pools, is a breath of fresh air. It makes The Peak a cooler place to hang out with your family or friends because of its location and stunning view.
While waiting for our movie schedule, we went to Zabadani Café to eat our favorite Zabadani rice special. This time we tried the Sagheer, rice meal good for two. We had the Shrimp Kabsa in Sagheer size.  Zabadani never disappoint us. It was good, as usual.
Zabadani Café was my featured blog article last month. Because of that blog post, Waddi, the manager offered me a Green Card. This is the second level of their Loyalty Cards – next to the Yellow Card. My goal now is to dine and dine to finally get the ultimate Gold Card – more discounts and free items.  Anyway, with or without a Loyalty Card, Zabadani is really worth coming back.
Our stomachs had enough so we ended the day with the Batman movie for a more stress-relieving experience. I like Gmall’s theater because it is new and their seat is really comfortable.
Another Zabadani experience PLUS watching a movie with your special someone feels like you’re in a vacation –just simply happy.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012

The term "Kadayawan" is come from the Mandaya word “madayaw”, a warm and friendly greeting used to explain a thing that is valuable, superior, beautiful, good, or profitable. Manadaya is a native tribe of Davao Region. At 1988 Mayor Rudy Duterte create this festival as “Kadayaw sa Dabaw”.A festival of all festivals, every third week of August celebrating the blessings of God upon the people of the land, the
wealth of culture and the serenity of life. The whole city turns out to join in this fun. And Visitors coming from different part of the world are welcome to join the festival of all festival the “Kadayawan sa Dabaw”.

Here’s the complete Kadayawan Festival 2012 schedule:

August 3 -  People’s Park: Kadayawan Festival 2012 Opening Ceremonies @ Rizal Park Davao City

August 3 – Sept. 7 -  Museo Dabawenyo: Hulagway sa Kadayawan Photo Contest (open for every Body)

August 6 – 21 -  People’s Park: Lumadnong Gama (Lumad Indigenous Crafts Fair) & Dayaw Market (Exposure)

August 10 – 11 -  NCCC Mall: Tunog Mindanaw (Featuring all native songs)

August 11 – 16 -  People’s Park, Rizal Park, SM City Davao, NCCC Mall, Abreeza Mall, Gaisano Mall: Lumadnong Bantawan

August 14 – 16 -  SM City Davao: Sayaw Mindanaw (street dance)

August 15 -  Gaisano Mall: Hiyas sa Kadayawan Talent Night (Almindras Gym)

August 17 -  Davao City Recreational Center: Hiyas sa Kadayawan Finals (Coronation Night)

August 18 – Davao City Recreational Center: Indigenous Peoples Grand Performance/Lumadnong Pasundayag

August 18 -  Streets of Davao City: Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (start at 7:00 am)

August 19 -  Streets of Davao City: Pamulak Kadayawan (Floral Float Parade)

August 19 – Rizal Park: Pahalipay Concert ni Mayor Inday ug Vice Mayor Rody

August 19 – Around Davao City: Mayor Inday Sara Duterte 27th Kadayawan Sportsfest

Come and Enjoy the beauty of Davao City.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Philippine Eagle Center: Davao’s Pride

Davao City has been advertising its campaign “Our King Can Fly”. Anyone coming from and outside the city knows that this is all because of Davao’s Pride, the Philippine Eagle.

Known as the Philippines’ national animal, the Philippine Eagle is commonly found in the country’s largest city –Davao.

The center showcases 36 Philippine Eagles, 10 species of birds, 4 species of mammals and 2 species of reptiles. Aside from being a tourist destination, the center is also known to be active in educating and building activities about eco-conservation.

Tourists and locals wanting to encounter or visit the Philippine Eagle should visit the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Calinan which opens from 8:00AM until 5:00PM. Malagos is just 20 to 30 minutes from the center of the city. You can use your private car or have the public transport which is readily available in Bankeroahn Public Market for vans. The bus bound for Cagayan de Oro also passes by the Calinan area which would cost one around P50. From the central district of Calinan, you should take the 10-minute tricycle ride to Philippine Eagle Center for only P6.

Fees (used for the park’s maintenance/sustainability):
Malagos/DCWD Entry - P5 (adult) and P3 (kids)   
Phil. Eagle Center Entrance Fee - P50 (adult) and P30 (17yrs old and below)

Schools may request lectures on the following (optional):

Conservation Breeding Program
Field Research Program
Community Based Program
Conservation Education Program
Captive Breeding Techniques
Special Education Program

* Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) Office

VAL Learning Village, Ruby St., Marfori Heights,
Davao City 8000 Philippines

Telephone: (+63 82) 224-3021
Telefax: (+63 82) 224-3022

* The Philippine Eagle Center

Malagos, Baguio District
Davao City 8000 Philippines

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gumamela Cave Rock Farm Resort

It’s been almost 5 decades since the world war II ended and the trace of this history always have foot prints. One of these is in Mintal Davao City where the owner of the place turned it to a tourist spot. With peaceful and tranquil farm setting 21km outside of Davao City Hall  is the historical GumamelaCaverock Farm Resort. The resort land area is part of the Tolosa Property which was formerly occupied by the Japanese Imperial Forces during World War II .

If you are looking for a place for outdoor team building, themed conventions and other get-together activities,Gumamela Cave Rock Farm Resort can be the place.  Theyoffer a wide range of nature-based activities like hiking, short waterfalls trekking, Japanese Cave Exploration and other outdoor adventure activities. With these amenities you can experience team building at its best. July is the mid-point of the year and some companies love to regroup or have some private nature environment meeting. You can check and stay at GMCF because aside from natural breeze, this place is also developed for business purposes offering mini- conference facilities, a restaurant, cocktail bar, swimming pool, spa and sports facilities on site.

This affordable lovely Gumamela Cave Rock Resortlocated at Purok 3 Tolosa, Barangay (Village) Matina Biao, Tugbok District, Davao City.


·        Natural Waterfalls and springs
·        World War II Japanese Imperial Army Bunkers or caves (the resort was also occupied by the Japanese forces during World War II)
·        Well- preserved rainforests/ vegetation
·        Paintings and Bagobo- inspired sculptures
·        World's tallest concrete Hibiscus or Gumamela Sculpture handcrafted by Rey Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan
·        Man-made and mud-painted Poolside Caverock (artificial caves and rocks) shower rooms and toilets
·        Natural stone- heated spa- swimming pool
·        Secured environment
·        Traditional- heritage cottages (modern-native design)
·        Hybrid Gumamela plants - centennial series
·        River


Gumamela Cave Rock Resortis accessible by car, single motorcycle/ Habal-habal or (PUJ) jeepneys. Public Utility Vehicle (PUJ) and motorcycle rides going to the resort are available at Mintal Public Market Terminal..
Two ways to go to GCFR in public vehicle
Habal-habal(single motorcycle) ride costs Php 80.00 (good for two passengers per motorcycle)
Tricycle/tricyboat-boat costs Php 25 per passenger.

If you want to rent a Jeep you going to GCFR you can book to Mr. Autida on his mobile phone 09205220180. The jeep fair from davao city proper to GumamelaCoverock Farm Resort (Mintal) is Php 50.00/ head. Jeep capacity is 20 passengers.

Booking Office:
c/o Capitan Ortho- Dental Clinic
139 Quezon Boulevard corner Jacinto Street (Fronting Panadero Bakeshop
Davao City

Contact Details:
For inquiry, contact Cora, Shirley or Bong
Telephone Nos. 2717837 or 2841165
Mobile Cellular Phone Nos. 09296225494 (Smart),   09177056418 (Globe)   09421648239 (Sun)

 Cool swimming pool at night
 Cool swimming pool

 Cool swimming pool

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kanlawig Hotspring Resort

Maragusan Comval Province is blessed with fantastic scenery; they also offer the tourist another secret romantic natural hot springs.
Soaking in Kanlawig Hot Springs Resort is an enjoyable addition to your Comval Province Southern Mindanao romantic getaway. There are many popular Inland and Highland resort in Comval but hot spring aside from toyozu mountain resort, Kanlawag is one of the best Hot spring resorts in the Philippines. Soaking in the mineral springs does have magical healing powers. The water rejuvenates your sore muscles and relaxes your worries.
There are many benefits in drenching in Hot Spring like increase the circulation, cell oxygenation, and metabolism. It also increases the body's natural system for detoxification. Japanese, Koreans and Chinese people love go to hot spring spa and do there relax. Calming there stress body and soul.
To cut the story short visit the Kanlawig Hot Spring of Maragusan and give your body a day off of stress.
Entrance                                    25.00 Php
Cottages                                     100.00 – 500.00 Php
Overnight                                 75.00 Php/head

Hot springs Pool
Affordable Picnic and NIPA hut cottages
Clean Comfort Room with shower
In-house Store

For Inquires and reservations:

Contact Ms. Zosilee J. Yahong
MObile: 0928-215-5125

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