Friday, September 21, 2012

Forest Hill Resort

Forest Hill Resort

Forest Hill Resort

Forest Hill Resort
Forest Hill Resort is one of the most visited inland resorts in Davao City. Forest Hill is located at La Vista Hills Subdivision in Diversion Road, making the resort the main feature of the subdivision.

The place plus its nice view is a good venue if you want to relax but do not have the luxury of time to travel outside the city. Their cottages are clean and nicely located right in front of the pool. Forest Hill is good whether you enjoy swimming alone or with your family. They have a large pool for adults and a kiddy pool as well.

If your getaway is not that planned, be worry-free! Their canteen offers a variety of food and drinks. They also have a space if you want to sing your heart out. An area for videoke is open for all amateurs and professionals who have the confidence to be heard by everyone in the resort.

How to get there:
There are two ways to get there. First is to ride a taxi, it will take just 15 minutes from the heart of Davao City. Second will be combination of jeepney and motorcycle. Ride a Matina route jeep then drop at Matina Balusong. From there, ride a motorcycle going to Forest Hill.


Entrance Fee (Free cottage & free use of the pool)        - Php 100.00

Amenities & Services:

Function Hall
Tent Cottages
Open Cottages
Nipa Huts
Washing Area
Shower Rooms & Comfort Rooms
Adult Swimming Pool
Kiddie Pool

Forest Hill Resort
Forest Hill Resort

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K Steaks Unlimited Buffet

K steak Unlimited Buffet
K Steaks Unlimited Buffet is one of the most talked about buffet places in Davao City this year. I’ve been hearing it from friends, officemates and have also read shout outs from Facebook and Twitter about it.
Since K Steaks is just in the same area where I always hangout with my girlfriend (plus it’s our monthsary date), we decided to experience the first unlimited steak resto in Davao City.
As we arrived, I noticed that the place is pretty nice. It’s a good place for dates because we were only a few customers that time. The warm lighting of the resto makes it a little more romantic –just right for our night together.
I like their staff. They always treat and serve you with a smile. They only have few waiters but their service is pretty good. They are organized.

Going back to the most important, the food presentation of the other viands was neat. They also have a clean grilling area which offers 3 kinds of steak: Beef, Fish and Pork. I like the idea that the customers could see the grilling of the steaks. It makes you realize their cleanliness and assurance for quality. Plus they have the quickest food refilling service. The steaks tasted and are cooked well. You could try their 4 sauces which include sour cream, beef, sweet, and the spicy one. On top of their steaks, there were also spaghetti, fresh lumpia, and chicken adobo among others.
All of those only cost you Php 170.00 –that is an eat-all-you-can offer!
If you want to experience the delicious food of K Steak Unlimited, they are located at Loreto Corner Macopa Sts., Juna Subd. Matina, Davao City. They serve buffet lunch (11 AM to 2 PM) and dinner (5 PM to 10 PM). You may do reservations at (082) 303-3694.
K steak Unlimited Buffet

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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yoshikawa Crystal Island Resort
Gumasa in Glan, Sarangani Province is known for their crystal-white sand. Local tourist who wants to experience the best beach in the south, must visit the place of the World Champ Manny Pacquiao. One of the highly-rated beach resorts in Sarangani is the Yoshikawa Crystal Island Resort. 
YOSHIKAWA CRYSTAL ISLAND RESORT is just located along the highway of Glan. Not like the other beach resorts in the boundary of Gumasa wherein you have to go through bumpy roads to reach the paradise, Yoshikawa is very easy to locate and assures you a no-hassle trip.
Yoshikawa also has a pool for you to enjoy in the water even when monsoon is hitting the province.
Price Rate of Yoshikawa Crystal Island Resort:
Entrance Fee: Php30
Open Cottages: Php500
Rooms: Php1500-Php2000
Contact Numbers:


Glan Beach line
Gumasa Glan Sarangani

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