Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Epol Mountain Resort one of the hidden Tourist Destination in Davao City

When we are in Alice Log House we found out that there is a near beautiful falls that can be visited. So when the caretaker told us we don’t think twice we grab our extra cloths and go to epol falls. We walk about 500 meters from Alice log house then after we reach the entrance of epol mountain resort we continue walking about 800 meters from the highway to the falls.

The trek was wide and descending good for backpackers and adventure seeker. You need to pay 7 pesos for the first entrance and 7 pesos for the Epol mountain resort. You can rent a cottage for 30 pesos and for parking fee for 4 wheels you need to pay 30 pesos for motor cycle 20 pesos. Very much affordable! Bring your own food because there is no store available, for safety the place is very safe no bad guys, there is also guard to watch over you.

The walk from the main entrance to the falls will take 30 minutes or less depends on the speed of your walk and the slippery of the trail.  

Epol Mountain Resort is 75 kilometers from Davao City, almost 2 hours travel from down town. It is along the high way. The falls is very beautiful and refreshing. The water is cooled and can make your hot heal cool. J I really love the falls just enjoy the place because it’s very natural and organic.

See the picture to appreciate and hope I you can visit Epol water falls one of the hidden tourist spot of Davao City.


Bloggerman said...

Matagal akung di nakabalik sa blog mo nato bossing. Ayuz ah! Gusto kong pumunta dyan sa Epol pag may time. Lagi kong naririnig yang lugar na yan nah maganda at malamig daw dyan talaga. Isang magandang tourist destination sa Mindanao.

Hanep. Sana makarating ako dyan. :)

Nilagyan ko na lang ng link kasi dine activate mo na yung name/url sa post comment. hehe

Kurt Damada said...

Bosseng nonoy..musta pagbabalik mo sa mahabang bakasyon??hehehehe ni lagyan ko na nagrestriction kc madami nagcocoment na spam eh..hehehe sayang naman ang PR 3 natin jan..hahaha

sama tau sa epol at sa buda this summer dun tau magpapalamig ng ating mga ulo..hahahha

Bloggerman said...

hehehe. O bah. ge ge pag may time sama tau sa Epol. Sama mo na rin si Grace pag may time. :)

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