Monday, September 29, 2014

Balik Bukid: Experience Organic Food

Balik Bukid Davao Organic
Sunday is the best day of the week to go out with and treat your family for dinner or Lunch. Agree? Yes for me! I usually go out with my family and spend some quality time with them before another working week strikes again.

Davao City has numerous restaurants but when it’s Sunday almost half of them is close and the other half is found in the crowded mall. Dining in a good restaurant at a Sunday is somehow difficult. But I’m very much thankful to my wife that she suggested to try checking Balik Bukid.

Balik Bukid is a restaurant that serve ORGANIC Foods. As an organic enthusiast - and because I always drink detox juice form detox station which started my love for anything organic- without a doubt I drove fast to its location in Quimpo Boulevard because it's almost 9:00 pm. Fortunately, the restaurant closes at 10:00pm so the kind waiters gladly asked for our last orders.

This is my first time to experience Balik Bukid and I was fascinated by the recycled materials they use from the wall of their resto to the interior design. Amazing concept that they have. The chairs and tables are recycled. One of the tables is actually a pile of tractor tires with a glass on top. The place is so organized and clean.

I also like their service. The waitress and the people of balik bukid always smile and handle their customer respectfully.

They serve the food 10 -15 minutes after you ordered and the taste is different from any commercial food chain or restaurant (of course). With some greens on the side, you can really say that the food looks and tastes so healthy.

My experience in Balik Bukid is really an organic food adventure. A new place with twists on their served food, Balik Bukid is really a place I want to explore more.

Sorry for the low quality photos.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

SEAGULL MOUNTAIN RESORT: Davao's little Baguio

Seagull Mountain Resort INFORMATION

I have been wanting to visit SEAGULL MOUNTAIN RESORT since Summer to enjoy its cool breeze while the heat is up. Unfortunately, the beaches in Mindanao have been very inviting so I made many postponements for my Seagull visit.

But finally, as we all know, unplanned travels are usually the ones which actually happen. I have made it to Davao's little Baguio last weekend.

Seagull is one of the known mountain resorts in Davao City. Seagull is 4,200 Feet Above Sea level and a perfect getaway for families and friends or even officemates for team building.

Seagull is just 2 hours away from the  city. Situated just along the highway of Davao-Bukidnon Road or commonly knows as Buda, Seagull is a perfect place to just have a chill experience.

The resort has falls and pools with relatively cold water which, for me, is very relaxing.

You can reach the falls by walking if you love to experience the nature or via service car which is included to you 150 php entrace fee. You can requeat the driver for a site tour on Hill Top for over looking or you my ask them to go around the golf cource. Either way will work for you. There service crews are very approachable and friendly.

Travel Trivia: BUDA come from the word Bukidnon and Davao Road they short it out to BU-DA. :) acheche aloloy.. :)

Seagull Mountain Resort Location:

Bukidnon-Davao (BuDa) Road, Lorega,
Kitaotao, Bukidnon

Seagull mountain Resort Contact:

Reservation Office: (+6382) 298-5990
Resort Office: (+6382) 286-4124 / 286-9397

Seagull Mountain Resort Accommodations and Rates:


Gazebo : 2,500.00 : (4 persons)
Condo Unit 1 : 2,500.00 : (4 persons)
Condo Unit 2 : 3,000.00 : (5 persons)
Condo Unit 3 : 1,700.00 : (2 persons)
Condo Unit 4 : 3,000.00 : (4 persons)
Eliza 1 : 3,850.00 : (4 persons)
Eliza 2 : 5,500.00 : (4 persons)
Eliza 3 : 2,500.00 : (4 persons)
Log Cabin 1,2,3 & 4 : 2,400.00 : (3 persons)
ESD Room : 2,500.00 : (4 persons)
Duplex Room : 2,750.00 : (3 persons)

White House :

Upper House : 3,500.00 : (8 persons)
Master's Room : 3,100.00 : (6 persons)
Side Room : 950.00 : (2 persons)

Lower House  : 3,100.00 : (4 persons)
350.00/head in excess of capacity

Campsite Area 1:

Campsite 1-8 : 750.00 : (3 persons)
Campsite 9-11 : 1,200.00 : (6 persons)

Campsite Area 2:

Pine Tent : 800.00 : (3 persons)
Gemilina Tent : 800.00 : (3 persons)
Mahogany Tent : 800.00 : (3 persons)
Blue Big Tent : 2,000  : (with 2 side-rooms; 4 persons)

Tent Pitching:

Small : 500.00    : (3 persons)
Big   : 1,000.00  : (6 persons)

*Campsite Area with common T & B and outdoor grill
*150/head in excess of capacity
*Rates include use of open huts, swimming pool & waterfalls pools

Day Tour Rate:

Adult: 150.00/head
Child (7 years old & below): 65.00/head

Resorts Ameneties & Services:

-Free Parking
-24-Hour Security
-Golf Car Service
-Pet Friendly
-Private Walking and Jogging Trails
-Conference and Seminar Facilities
-Banquet Facilities
-In-House Food Catering
-Putting Green and Golf Course
-Cold Spring Outdoor Pools (Adult Pool and Kiddie Pool)
-Picnic Tables with Umbrella
-Tent-Pitching Area
-Natural Waterfalls with Swimming Tubs/Pools
-Organic Garden
-Coffe Shop & Steak House
-Phoenix Gas Station with Coffee Shop & Convenience Store
-Hilltop Wedding Chapel
-Hilltop Pavillon
-Hilltop Way of the Cross

Thanks for dropping by! Feel Free to write comments and I will immediately answer your questions :) Thanks!!!

Seagull Mountain Resort Pool

Seagull Mountain Resort

Seagull Mountain Resort

Seagull Mountain Resort Natural Falls

Seagull Mountain Resort Service Van

Seagull Mountain Resort Hill Top pavillion

Seagull Mountain Resort

Seagull Mountain Resort to Crossifix

Seagull Mountain Resort Golf Course

Seagull Mountain Resort

Seagull Mountain Resort Giant Big Foot

Seagull Mountain Resort Peacock 

19 Degrees Seagull Mountain Resort Temperature

Seagull Mountain Resort Steak House and Coffee Shop Fronting Car park

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